Saturday, 28 January 2012

Google and Bing accused of helping illegal music downloads

Google and Bing create 'algorithms' to filter results that are supposed to serve the searcher AND the provider of content. These are studied or inferred by those seeking to manipulate their position and lead to the the distortion of service.
The 'algorithms' are periodically updated to shake off such manipulations - such as are deemed unwanted by Google/Bing.

The process is not accountable or transparent. While it mostly works, we tend to simply use it and work around or through its frustrations.

If an opaque organisation engages in censoring results for criminal or copyright matters, it can also do so for political or social and economic matters.

The game of cat and mouse with file sharing will not end by simply blocking results from Google and Bing - even if such were possible.

There is a common interest in legal content holders and distributors in creating search portals and trusted portal sites where integrity of content can join with a mutually valuing relationship with those who value such work.

Some of the reaction against the legal models is of a sense of being milked by business interests that have absolutely no concern with any real relationship beyond their own corporate profits.

The potential of the internet is of receiving abundant return on micropayments. Because millions are involved in the movement of attention, and the old models of distribution are attempted, and circumvented.

The integrity of the net is something to be engineered into it, because by default it is serving dis-integrated interests. If micropayment - and I mean MICRO - was made for the act of attention to content or resource - then there would be a basis of funding that is free of advertising and corporate interest.

The posturing of morality is generally hypocritical - and is attempting to use coercive means to get others to abide by a set of rules that they may not otherwise adopt or conform to. But the desire to create a system that is just, uncoercive and fair is sane - though the nature of a system is organisational and the nature of the heart is integrative.

To do only those things that focus on and promote the good the beautiful and the true, might achieve more than reacting against those things that seem to break in and upset the rules.

Making war on dr*gs or t*rror or anything else for that matter - is an indicator of a mind in reaction, that does not see the real nature of what is occurring - but only its own fearful interpretations - which it validates by reenactment.

When any private interest holds the gate or the key - corr*ption follows. Checks and balances should not tie us down, but should be able to effectively pause, examine and discern the movement of health, and be able to act on its behalf.

Trust, is the expression of integrity and a disintegrated society is one in which trust is no longer consciously valued, shared or even accorded reality.

Nothing of our living but is of a total dependence on Power beyond our compass of imagination. Trust is our most fundamental response to Existence.

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