Sunday, 5 February 2012

An Israeli strike on Iran?

Reading through these comments I sense a great lust for war - not merely in the political sense - but as the very basis of life.
Or perhaps more accurately - as the very basis of a personal identity.

Until and unless such identity is correctly identified, then it is 'as if' a deceptive spirit causes each to perceive everyone ELSE as either something to dominate, or as a threat. Such is a state of war, whether waged with sweet coercive charm or blunt and bloody force. No communications are real or trustworthy and no real relationship is possible with anyone or anything except your own personal thoughts. Yet there IS a presence of life through each and every one - and that presence Is responsive to being truly listened to and honoured.

We 'love' to put our fears and hates 'outside' our selves and then deny them, fight them or hide from them. It is the way mind works when it fears its Source.

And a desperate humorous repartee rises to offset the unthinkable.

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