Monday, 7 June 2010

The Good news about the economy

Here is the good news:

We are being brought to a willingness and opportunity for a fresh perspective that will genuinely express spiritual and cultural renewal.

This is an individual shift that becomes a social movement because it is the individual that actually connects, discerns and communicates, and yet find that others are likewise becoming receptive to the same relevant insights.

To give the focus to what is wrong is disempowering. It is helpful to use the experience of fear, conflict, confusion and loss as am alarm to listen more deeply - with a greater honesty than our superficial strategies would allow.

True spiritual discernment has nothing to do with promoting personal belief systems or manipulating the world or others into the likeness of any kind of god - spiritual or material. It is simply the willingness to listen in the silence of our being - even amidst the chatter or drama of the world - with the trust and desire to let truth be revealed.

Ingenious thinking is not the way to truth but can be clearly seen in our times as a deception. And truth is not ever an object of our thought - nor can it be used as a shield or weapon in the play of human conflict.

The real culprit is not the shadowy super rich or their bankers - nor the politicians who operate within the confines dictated to them by the 'economics' that are espoused and shared as if meaningful and desirable.

We cannot 'think or spin our way out' of the conditions we have generated for ourselves but we can uncover a fresh appreciation of truth - of reality. And then we will see from a different perspective and live from a new basis - even amidst the seeming mess and chaos of human relationships.

To uncover or be restored to wholeness of being is not a goal - but is both a starting place and a way of traveling. To live 'outside' the heart results in greed for self in a disconnected sense of specialness. It despoils and exploits without knowing what it does for it sees its own 'needs' above all else - including truth. It is NOT a sound or sane basis for good housekeeping or a loving home.

It IS up to us individually to decide what is of value and to honour and align with it accordingly. If we give value to what cannot actually fulfill us we simply become possessed by our so called possessions.

We are afraid of our Spirit because we believe it calls for sacrifice, but in truth it is illusions that are released. Maintaining deceptions is an enormous burden and strain - that we are accustomed to as a slave to heavy chains.

To take a fresh look in an honesty of spirit is not in any way the same as to rebrand or redistribute presentations of realty so as to extend or maintain the status quo.

We feel fear, there is confusion, we seem to have lost, and yet face more loss - with a mounting tide of crises of which we have a diminishing capacity to respond to. The underlying models and mentalities that we have grown and relied on are part of the cause of the problems we face.

Is there not a better way of looking at this?
Do I want to find it?

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