Sunday, 1 January 2017

Old Life New Life

In Response to:
Old life, new life: entrances and exits
by Jon Rappoport

– – –
The ‘past’ works a memory complex as an overlay present that covers over presence. Choices are actions that by repetition become ‘habits’ as IF autonomous. Persisting the choice of habit, sacrifices life of true presence in favour of an oppositional habit of an acquired ‘second nature’.
Presence may be covered over and reaction to ‘past’ conditioning may misperceive Everything – yet what is here is all that is here – while what the mind interprets is a current ‘choice’ running blind as default.
The attempt to escape the past is the act that makes it real in the mind so made, and by setting the past as the frame of meaning for what is now, does the identity of attempt to wield power over life, disempower under illusion of a fearfully defined conflicted self.
Maintaining a presentation masks true intent. Masked off minds agree to differ and make collectively reinforced illusion of a fearfully defined matrix of ‘meanings’.
The old life was who you thought and believed yourself to be, and the unfolding anew is who you release from such framed thinking to un-cover the being of. But one cannot change a choice that one is unaware of making – and kept so by the attempt to effect power over life as a self-segregating ‘mind’.
The power that Is life has a redeeming quality to salvage true blessing from a past made in anger and thus translate and transform the basis for separation of withheld identity, into an recognition of presence – as a direct appreciation.
The power to make meanings for your self alone is different from the power to receive inspiration and reflection to who you uniquely are – and are unfolding the expansion of appreciation as.
Focusing in what you don’t want as if you do want it – is a result of running a past that you can never arrive in or be – so as to never re-experience the fear that split the mind into dissociation. Yet this is the way to keep a denied past forever unhealed and active – over your own experience and communication.
The release of the past is of an unconditional acceptance for that you are – within which presence the past is NOT – unless you choose to bring it with you. This is a choice. This is where you are free to choose NOT to come from what no longer feels aligned with who you know and feel and prefer to be. Into the space made available, the movement of your being registers with you – AS you.
Or persist in self-rejection howsoever ‘creatively’ masked by assertion that freedom lies in opposition and defiance. Yet who can be defined by the hated and know the love that is their own being? Wish-denial, anger and hate are tantrums of perceptual self-specialness that deny the exploration, freedom and sharing of who you uniquely Are. Blame is anathema to true perception. Blame is the curse of a past made real in a mind that ‘loved’ to hate.
If you ‘deal’ in hate-thinking – there’s your choice – and your reality… as requested. If your ‘reality’ is not coherent to who you feel and know yourself to be, then what would you have to be defining yourself and this situation to be  to attract such experience to you?
Watching the mind ‘in act’ is an awakened perspective of desire and curiosity – and the shifting to a more aligned path of choice is the gift of an untrammelled imagination – for imagination under fear and blame is defended against – excepting in ‘justified retaliation’.
I appreciated writing this as a guided morning meditation. There’s presence ‘within’ the carrier of the forms of the communication. Always new and never by rote.

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