Thursday, 5 January 2017


The Alliance for Natural Health; ANH - works internationally to promote and educate people and institutions regarding health issues - particularly within a regulatory capture and media capture to an almost exclusively pharmaceutical intervensionism and overriding of and even wilful ignorance of natural relationships.
Anyway their periodic newsletter arrived with an article on detoxification - which is being targeted with negative association in the mainstream media - who are increasingly evident as corporate lackeys.
I wrote into the comments:

Discern and nurture the natural desire of Life - rather than be-guiled by the unnatural invalidation of guilt.

In short watch out for the belief that YOU are toxic, unfit and unworthy of Life - for a negatively defined sense of self can only result in negative outcomes.

The 'mind' of a self-judging guilt SEEMS to be the power to motivate as an overriding of resistance - driven by carrot and stick incentives that reinforce and condition the 'mind' as the overriding definer and controller of you - and of your Life.

Honesty of being is a different foundation than 'narrative control'. But the 'mind' of such control is a conditioning that runs a blind default unless there is a re-integration and reconnection of pre sense - or awakening prior to the mind of reaction as the capacity to feel and know within a wholeness of being - rather than within the dictates of our - mostly unconscious - conditioned beliefs.

Health is ALSO your current consciousness experience - as a wholeness of being within which we know our selves in reflection and shared communication - yet can also lose sight of our peace in a sense of conflicted self that triggers 'mind' as the attempt to escape the conflict without resolving it. This covering over of symptom is the 'mind' of diversion and indeed denial via all kinds of psychological device including to dumping of psychic-emotional guilt onto Body and indeed anywhere AWAY from a sense of self-survival that then seeks its 'salvation' or fulfilment in external terms - which never really arrives because one has to BE the quality that the outer situation symbolizes - or else the form of success simply serves the game of carrot and stick.

Toxic thinking is guilt-based thinking - for fear can be brought to awareness and transformed or undone - but guilt undermines and invalidates and forbids healing.

A true sense of worthy extends automatically to others - so relating to this in others is a way to KEEP it and keep toxic invalidations from taking hold in - and substituting for our true mind. Because the capacity to think and fell and know and choose is our Life - as we accept and share it - by being ourselves - rather than be-guiled into trying to be what we are not and then feeling invalidated by a falsely framed expectation of self, life and each other.

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