Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Enemy Within?

As a result of listening to Chris Hedges on youtube interviews I followed to this page below – and  commented into its theme – and that of the commenting community there.

The Real Enemy Is Within
By Chris Hedges

My Contribution:
Fighting effect-symptoms can only persist the hidden cause – or to put it another way – they can only persist in hiding the cause.
Assigning ‘Cause’ to symptoms denies true Cause and is therefore persisting a false foundation that replicates and reinforces itself by symptom-interpretations accepted as meaning – or true currency.
“The lie and the father of the lie” operate a sense of self by deceit – as wishful or magical thinking given power of acceptance as true.
Awakening from a mind or reaction is noticing the mind in act – and this alignment of presence is already a shift to a perspective of creative or free choice, in place of a fearfully defined or conditioned dictate.
One of the core deceits by which deceit itself is kept hidden is that of focussing exclusively ‘without’ and substitution of ‘within’ by emotion-backed thinking that is recognizably ‘narrative control’ – even if couching itself in self-righteous’ justifications.
Stories operate the mind of the ‘ego’ – and manipulators of others no less become suckers for their own story spin. Identity is invested such that conflict, sickness, isolation, insanity and death may be chosen and accepted rather than yield up one’s story to a deeper honesty of being.
Taking an ‘Image’ of reality as self in symbol and concept is a specific FOCUS through which Wholeness is effectively dissociated from – and instead experienced as fragmentation and the seeking of restoration from within a sense of love and power lost. Separation trauma accesses extreme polarisations of ‘survival urge’ in association with asserted partiality and self-rejection.
I reach here to articulate something PRIOR to the world as we mostly, accept and believe, suffer and participate in. At that prior noticing – there are not words, concepts, images and symbols – but rather a direct communication or relationship of being that can recognize within Itself, that which is resonant and relevant to the true movement or desire within being.
The currency of meanings – of our thinking – is no less corrupted that its reflection in ‘money’ or ‘culture’. But this cannot be communicated EXCEPTING from a stirring or resonant reflection within.
The ‘story’ of conquest, domination and possession is writ LARGE upon the screen of our ‘reality experience’. But focusing exclusively upon the fruits will never expose the falsity of the roots – and that is its core protection and why conflict, war and sickness as diversion operate to guilt and terrorize a mind to WANT to ‘see’ its enemy WITHOUT in belief the enemy within is it own damnation or annihilation. This belief is love’s denial – regardless the substitutes or sacrifices brought to mitigate the act. The self born of such denial-belief CANNOT know love – or what it therefore DOES. But the resonance of the intuition of love WITHIN is of your true being – and witnesses love – and therefore to an integrative quality of being that is uncovered in place of segregative identifications that are now seen as not serving you or aligned with or meaningful to accept and act forth from.
Who seeks love or power WITHOUT – hides hatred within. But don’t use that first step as conclusion of guilt. Challenge any thinking that invalidates the movement of curiosity and desire within you. A mind cannot be trapped in its own thinking – but by its own consent. If incoherent reality-experience does not lead to the transformation of ‘your mind’ – then you are living a choice for pain rather than uncover the belief that demands it be true of you.

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