Thursday, 5 January 2017

Broken Reality?

This article is of the shocked and disturbed writer and activist whose sense of identity was in some sense shaken or changed by Trump's election.

It Can Happen Here. (In Fact, It Did.)
By Tom Engelhardt

My Comment into the theme:

Elected or selected?
Considering that big financial crashes take MOST by surprise doesn't mean they are not in some way orchestrated by insider insiders.
IF a higher but malign intelligence was devoted to the manipulation and deceit of others into succumbing to an agenda of domestication and powerlessness relative to the controlling force - then it would operate through the self-specialness of a false sense of freedom, power and protection - because these are the blind-spots of an inner conflictedness of which most are unaware of being subject to - because the whole point of a mind-in-deceit is to render such negatives unconscious by denial, by projection onto others, re re-normalising or redefining learned conditioning as concrete conditions.

The good news... is that anyone or anything that hacks into your own thought to subvert you from a core honesty to a narrative control - is also providing the illumination of your own 'back-door' correspondences or resonances via which hate and guilt thinking mask as righteousness and hide one's own (often unconscious) participation.

So if our 'reality' or indeed 'identity' is broken - there is a real CHOICE as to whether to identify with victim and persist in the same underlying demand to CHANGE others or external conditions so as to 'restore' what has been 'taken' from or denied you. OR to abandon what clearly did not and does not really work and look within - which is not 'more of the same thinking', but the void or opening to a receptive willingness for a true foundation that is NOT a mind of deceit.

The temptation to self-righteousness is judging others for our own un-owned 'sins - that speak of hurt and hate that we all know, regardless our different experiences and strategies of survival.

The personae level is diversionary and dissociating distraction - that the 'judge' believes themselves apart from and above - as an 'exception' to the faults and failures of 'others'.

We each and all act out from the ideas, beliefs and definitions that we are in some sense conditioned to react thus - and any real 'progress' has to pause from going forward, to NOTICE the 'choices' that are operating by reaction - and discerning if and to what degree any of that programming is true of me now - in this situation - and in this situation... because each situation is unique and needs attention to its full communication - or else we operate blind in reaction to what we don't want - as if that is doing what we truly want - which it CANNOT be. As long as we are in effect defined by 'evils' we are displaced from recognizing and sharing in the 'Good' - of a quality of wholeness of being - rather than defining 'good' in terms of falsely framed 'powers, protections or self-specialness'.

The alt media focuses on the 'THEM' who are presumed powerful and expert at deceiving and controlling 'US' or at least the other 'THEM' called sheep or stupid,
IF one can release personal investment in guilt - curiosity can be applied to HOW it is that I perceive, experience and act as I do (and thus gain insight on what operates in us all).

The intent to define, predict and control others is only looking for psychological ammunition or masking techniques because it is a 'war-mind'. An awakened desire for sanity, peace and healing operates a different purpose - looking for ways to undo or become free of fear driven dictates and distortions - so as to participate in a genuinely felt quality of being - that gives true witness because that is its own desire to see truly.

I sense an opportunity for the 'shocked' and 'disturbed' to look within - as a self-honesty of acknowledging and owning where we are at - rather than believing our own spin and presentation. Not for better ammo and armour - but for the movement of being in which we know our being - rather than a 'thinking' that overlays and usurps true function - which is aptly pointed to by the phrase 'know thyself' - with a substitution of masked persona in fragmented conflict - defended and protected against awakening to the reality that it operates upon the denial of.

In fact the LAST thing one will do is look within - when every other 'choice' has been revealed fruitless - and no one can do this FOR another - but we can honour another as our self from a point of accepted worth within ourself - and this can communicate conditions in which to draw a different response - but not as a strategy of changing others. That kind of bullshit can always be discerned at some level. But is anyone listening within?

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