Friday, 6 January 2017

Big Food Sickness

Big Food is a bigger problem than sugar for kids
It's not just the sugar in our food causing problems, it's the way it's processed

My comment into the theme of sick society:

Is there a direct relationship between our state of consciousness and our diet?
And then a feedback loop of dietary effects as reinforcement of that consciousness?
Is this not addiction to guilt - albeit in socially accepted or normalised forms?
Do those who feel crap about themselves bring on their own self-abuse - albeit often in ways that are plausibly deniable and blame-able on others?
Is there not a role to the narrative mind of self-justification, that works to justify a sense of withholding of engaged presence, attention and desire, and a withdrawal from relationship and communication to a sense of lack, inadequacy, deprivation, and denial?

In short is there not a spiritual depression or sense of loss of spirit underneath all else that is grown or adapted to operate as a substitute for the real thing?

I see that this is so - and yet also that the false - or fearfully defined and guilted or shamed sense of self-inadequacy - attracts all the power and protection of defence and allegiance due unto the true. Just as when a parasite or disease co-opts the body's defences to serve its agenda at expense of true function.

Note that the deceits of false witness - as propaganda or advertising persuasion techniques - work to nurture and exploit a tried and tested psychology of manipulative intent. The TV - and other 'communication' devices operate a trojan horse into the homes and minds of the many - not unlike vaccinations - for there is no barrier to their payload of coercive deceit.

Our primary diet is the ideas or thought by which we defined and believe ourself and world to be - and act or react from, automatically. False currency of a falsely framed thinking is mirrored in the so called 'Economy' which is coercive deceit masking behind the presentation of a financial system.

If a passively unwary, acquiescent, domesticated and managed humanity consents to be farmed for sickness and servitude, the flipside is that 'The Economy' aka 'too big to fail' Corporate Cartels, simply cannot afford the truth about pharmaceutical and many other evils to come to light - regardless the cost in pain and misery.

When truth of being thus deceived reveals itself as one's personal experience or recognition - there is a great sense of betrayal of trust which itself can trigger hate and anger - and lead to breakdown of communication rather than awakening health - which is synonymous with restored communication.

When we dropped grain and cereal breakfast - it was within a willingness to open our mind - and our pallet of experiencing - to a wider range of textures and flavours. Breaking sub-consciously conditioned habits by making new discoveries in new willingness. So much 'health' consciousness is guilt and fear driven. That is key to seeing how a negatively defined consciousness masks as a positive sense of self and society. It's not so much an evil as mis-identification. But outcomes of evil or anti-life come from persisting such identity - particularly once the dissonance of falsity is being ignored and overridden.

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