Sunday, 6 March 2016

Astroturfing; fake grass roots

Fema Camp Canoe Instructor said:
I found it highly suspect that the vapid twit-o-sphere was so concerned with this week's phony stats. And why should anyone be concerned with those metrics for that matter?

The desperation in the propagandist's pitch is palatable.

When your situation is improving you know it. You can feel the cash in your hands. You'll also have a first hand understanding of what is going on with your friends and family. The massive Bureau of Labor Statistics building is redundant in this aspect.


There's a TED talk on astroturfing that is worth watching:

Trillion dollar cartels invest in maintaining their cartel and can shout out garbage from a million mutually reinforcing rooftops - while millions are willing to work their shilling - or unaware of being set up to volunteer to campaign for their own destruction.

I don't think 'They' need to 'control' the internet or anything else - except in key points at key moments through key agencies.

If the curtain really begins to fall - then some exemplary acts of terrorism scorch away the voices that can no longer be found - and the vocabulary of reactionary symptom is all that breaks out in lifelessness or madness both.

'They' know that others know they are lying and don't care because they effectively control the Media. I sense that they believe lying is the only option left to protect them against a worse fate. They may even believe they are protecting us from a worse fate because lies are being called forth to hide and protect the untrue from attack and destruction. It is fracturing society - but a large proportion are still invested in a distorted and directed narrative and are unwilling and hence unable to question or re-evaluate their allegiance.

There is the possibility that one finds out too late the result of choosing the false god. But that belief feels to be a deceit OF such false thinking.

Attempting to parley with the liar or to understand a complexity intended to keep one's attention diverted and distracted from noticing what is actually current - are devices human minds use to NOT know what they do no want to know. Perhaps meant as a delay - but after enough delays - it defaults as a permanent switch - not now - not now - not now.

Information is only meaningful in a relationship of trust because the 'devil' quotes Scripture and scientists can present utterly misleading results and conclusions from what in fact the data reveals.

I don't believe deceit can be contained - as soon as it is accepted into shared usage the whole currency is adulterated, diluted and corrupted. It may take time to work through to its full but inevitable conclusion but it takes active willingness to disinvest of it and live instead from a consciousness of true value - which is not structured and formulated and so is not something one can sleepwalk in or auto-pilot through. For isn't that a large part of what people want to power to prevail in?

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