Sunday, 6 March 2016

Planning for disaster?

On this page about the Media Lying

DonRL - said:
How about suggesting how to plan!!

My Comment:

Is it inspired planning or the dictate of a centralized sacrifice of will to a notion of collective good? ;-)
I think everything is only as good as where you are coming from - so finding a true response-ability rather than being triggered into reaction.
Invest in what truly enhances the quality of your life. Within that ongoing honesty of being is what you do or don't do with your money, your time and your thought.
Generally it is prudent to spread your risks - but in a specific passion - you may be moved to invest everything into a project that is a primary vehicle of what you are alive for.
Fear tends to operate a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saving for a rainy day may guarantee you... a rainy day. But disregarding fear is even more dangerous because what hasn't been honestly transformed is still active and will sabotage the best laid plans.
If you don't appreciate expanding the idea of planning in this way and just want someone else to tell you what to do - then you understand why there are so many people and groupings of people 'telling us what to do'. Not that they might not be a good match - but you still have to discern whether to align with and act on advice unless you give a blank cheque in advance.
Opening your imagination to whatever comes up is something you can do now - and that is a creative process that will bear fruit if you hang in with it. Use everything if it fits or serves or sparks interest - but of course what you truly want in Life is your primary desire and all else will take form from it.
I understand a man once said - take no thought for yourself - and all else will be given you - including any plans you need to make relative to what you are moved to be and do. I sense he knew what he meant but that we are afraid to know and so we marked him out as a nutter or too different to matter - and so we learned nothing except how to maintain a narrative i which fear can be hidden - which is the invitation to the wolf in sheep's clothing. I realize I have far exceeded anything you likely wanted  - but amidst such deception - where does one even begin?

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