Saturday, 12 March 2016

I came across a great phrase in comment section elsewhere in which the term 'conspiracy theory' was summarized as capitalizing on dishonesty.
Honesty can be mimicked and used as a weapon or a trojan - but then it isn't honesty so much as calling the liar.
The elitist establishment may be seen, perceived or believed to be all kinds of things - but one I notice is of giving then much more power than they have where they haven't, and not having a clue how powerful they are where we don't even see it. For it operates through our own unrecognized and largely unconscious fear.

Anyone group seriously forward looking desire to hold or expand power of influence will work with incorporating and using any variations of plan and hedge bets accordingly. I aim at neither power or influence in oppositional terms but consider any apparent negative event in a desire to define it so as to serve a positive outcome - as a dedication to detach from what is not honestly belonging or true of me.

I'm not in the USA but I resonate with the desire for humanity that may express itself in all kinds of alloys that are reactive, fearful, or hateful. My sense is when stripped of all that is false - all that doesn't belong - the original stands clear. This is often a humiliation in personality terms but honesty acknowledged and valued is true humility.

My sense of elitism is of warring vanity (personality inflation) that sacrifices or denies truth : Honesty - for power in whatever terms the sense of lack of it defines. That's the 'Pact' by which we each in various ways come into some sense of power from a sense of lack - or powerlessness.
But awakening to and breaking with that pact is the recognition of a deceit and a realigning in spontaneous reintegration as a result of releasing such a forcefully pervasive sense of need for control.

The most clever manipulators of directing history are more than capable of running a variety of 'games' simultaneously - AND of funding them all. Money is nothing to them excepting to control it and use it as a means of control.  WHY? is another matter. I'm not saying there are not all kinds of self-justifications - but those are what the mind serves up in place of Honesty - and for which the true of our Humanity is sacrificed.

Having read a bit of how Hitler was anticipated, then supported and used, I say that there are those whose grasp of human psychology goes all the way down where most of us recoil from - but that they do not recognize it is also the Feedback they need to restore their original nature - their true power - but that self-concept denies it them - or else they would serve the living rather than rule the dead.

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