Thursday, 21 April 2016

Down the Rabbit Hole

Clearly we have been and are already powering our 'consciousness' and society from such a power source and the vanity and arrogance that thought it could contain and control it is operating as a denial overlay of controlled masking narrative. It has feasting on human beings, and our home planet -which had been quarantined as a result as both a strait jacket and in a 'prime directive' to see if we would be able to awaken out of such a 'back door' hack, or 'take ourself down' - but not in a way that would be allowed to operate a contagion of informational energetic to the larger community.
So by this black-hole power we generate the conviction and its reflected experience that we are alone - and of course secretly enamoured of the 'power' to lord it over Life - redefining everything in terms of our 'alone-ness' as a world of 'object' rather than as an appreciation of relational wholeness communicating in all its parts.
An inner shift in Humanity is synchronous with the re-opening of communion - for higher level communication communicates as Feeling and Imagination - for the communication vortices are no longer blocked from consciousness. Hence unfolding 'discovery'.

Adam: (to the main article)All this proves is that even so-called scientists indulge in fairy story fantasies. If Hawking believes that it is possible to "travel through a black hole" then I dare him and other "scientists" with such similar views to climb inside a washing machine and put it on full spin cycle and then state whether it is possible to go through black holes (assuming they survive the spin cycle). A black hole would be a billion times worse than the spin cycle and you would be ripped apart molecule by molecule, atom by atom and subatomic particle by subatomic particle.   Data may survive but humans won't. Hawking should know that, instead of pandering to this mythological nonsense. 

If scientists didn't access imagination, you would have NO science. You're obvious and visceral hatred of myth no doubt has mythic roots in you. Humans can determine - in the main - when things are to be taken literally - until of course they lock on to a literal belief in a model and worship and conform all things to their one true model - regardless what form it takes.
You believe that you know you are a body and that is your notion of 'humanity'. well and good if it serves you.

I have a perspective of 'through a body, rather than in it or AS it - though without a 'spacesuit' of body and personality construct, one cannot participate in the focus of an individual human experience. The quality of being - by whatever name - that moves beneath the structure of meanings experienced is non-local. We have trained a 'mind' not to look there - not least with separation trauma which was not so dissimilar to your washing machine metaphor. Nothing survives its moment.

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