Thursday, 21 April 2016

NASA - No Alternative Scenario Allowed?

When one can feel one is being coercively manipulated and that a deceit runs behind it - the 'presentation of 'facts' or the dressing up in scientific clothing are secondary to the relationship. This is about power and politics of asserting and enforcing consensus without a free-willing communication - or coercion would not be 'required' or belonging. And it is just one example of you MUST do as we say or EVIL of one kind or another will befall you - but WORSE - YOU will be guilty of bringing it on everyone else by virtue of your lack of support or indeed interest.

I am not here to change anyone's mind - but witnessing to that you have one and that it is very liable to phishing attacks whereby your thinking - even your identity - is hacked. We either learn about deceits or suffer them.

Of course climate is changing - Everything is changing but the mindset locked into a paradigm of coercing and controlling Life. That isn't how Life works - that's how to kill it.

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