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Unclear Nuclear

The Trillion Dollar Nuclear Weapons Fraud
Over the years, as we have helped debunk elite propaganda, from elaborate NASA hoaxes to vaccine cover-ups, it has occurred to us more and more strongly that something is wrong with at least parts of the “nuclear narrative.”

Here's an add to the mix: There are significant accounts of UFO activity around missile sites that have coincided with disabling missile launching capabilities.

In the principle of being free to unfold our own choices but not free to choose to significantly deny others their own capacity, Humanity is free to destroy itself within a range of probable futures - but not via means that is destructive to other 'civilisations' that are part of the larger collective of which we have effectively forgotten at the level of the filtered consciousness we take as our reality.

Of course the military personnel could be suffering hysterical delusions and the documentation falsified - but I have the sense that the power by which we are subjected is our own - but in ways we have given away under beliefs that are now invisible to us because they are called reality.

This comment prompted my further response

Whatever the veracity of any interpreted experience, which is ultimately between you and your true Source (and nothing really can come between unless you believe it and give it the power to do so), I see the increasing polarisation of the 'dark and light' and I mean that in terms of functional terms not value judgement.

I recall Seth talking of serving the transition of a militant Muslim as the scene and set by which to bring a unified recognition to one who was polarized in form. For the underlying recognition is the correction or transcendence of form-based meanings - whose apparent fixity is reflecting inner needs or indeed inner convictions of guilt threat and need for defence - yes being acted out as an experience in time and space.  Here we are - but where really is 'here'. Perhaps that is all I will say now but we are not really in any thing but we define it so and spontaneously remap to validate and reinforce what we have accepted and shared.

This forum being a 'news commentary' is predicated to focus on the 'negative agenda' which reinforces a belief in victim-hood and the struggle for power, concealment, subterfuge and deceit in which to abide until vengeance can come forth and abuse the abusers - or some other proxy scapegoat as if freedom waits on the world to re-align with the rules I gave it.

This Comment (Into comment conversation): by tom
"Don't believe anything. Regard things on a scale of probabilities. The things that seem most absurd, put under 'Low Probability', and the things that seem most plausible, you put under 'High Probability'. Never believe anything. Once you believe anything, you stop thinking about it". ~ Robert Anton Wilson

My response:
This is also saying truth is never in the model or in fact a conclusion or 'see' definition in fixed terms. Truth is in what purpose you use the model, or idea FOR.

Your purpose is either aligned with who and what you feel and know yourself to be - or not. It is popular to blame 'them' for deceiving 'us'. I suggest that there is a subscription of which we are not currently acknowledging. We do not recognize ourselves in the symptoms... as yet.

When reality deconstructs as a result of a fundamental and pervasive dis-integrity - aka insanity of dissociation that depends on deceit to persist - the conflicted nature of the mind; of its concept-perceptions, communications and acts becomes intolerable - although cooking the frog slowly can invite oblivion quite painlessly, once it is induced or forced into 'secure' confinement.

This is what 'mind' in the sense of persona was invoked to save us from - and yet the thing we thought to escape is in its very foundations and brings the fruit in accord with its roots no matter how well presented our personae might be.

There are many polarities of mind-strategy - such as more intensely 'controlling' (limiting) consciousness so as not to feel the pain. The principle limiter of consciousness is fragmentation, division, conflict, and a deadening off of receptors to communication where such channels have been traumatized or burned or hollowed out from experience of denial, of treachery, betrayal, abuse and abandonment. The element of running away from our self is witnessed by restless thought, emotion or activity that has to maintain diversion from a lack of presence appreciation - indeed from a force of negative self-appreciation that will change your mind should you attempt to use your mind to 'see' why. It doesn't 'see' anything but its own model of presumed reality. One has to pause the mind to relax or shift to a perspective in which to notice the mind-in-act. All else is conditioned 'reality'.

The reversal set the outer symptoms or form reflections of inner definition as the causes - while therefore denying the Causal aspect of Consciousness in which such definitions are thus effectively hidden and rendered 'unconscious' or indeed TABOO!

If you break primary taboo your tribe, group, family, society will disown, invalidate, curse and reject you. EVERYONE learns tacity what is not allowed because fear and guilt teach them.

The abandonment of reaction from any existing set of conditioned thinking  is a willingness to wake up from the dream of the independent persona with which you may be equating your self rather than accepting and embracing as part of you that serves the purpose you now give it. With this comes the willingness to feel the pain of the underlying conflict rather than re-brand the belief in symptom-suppression as the necessary context of survival. But feeling into it in the purpose and willingness of healing and awakening active responsibility for consciousness -  instead of 'limiting' control and outsourcing or deferring pain.

The mind of generally mutually agreed definitions we call the world or reality is not inherently fixed - because what mind is - is inherently open as a medium of communication. "Judge not lest ye be judged" because what you use your mind for becomes the measure of your experience of it. Such experience conditions the subconscious to 'fix' belief in reactive strategies driven by guilts and fears including the power of denial. As is evident minds can seriously engage in questioning whether they exist. The power of the mind is in ANY belief accepted and acted from as true or in place of true.

Actually once you believe something it becomes invisibly part of your thought - your world. The symptom of the articles and our age is one of reversal.

Belief is not appropriate to things but to purpose. When you uncover the true within you it is not embodied in thought or form - IT IS YOU. Your life gives it form by acceptance that extends as belief in yourself as currently recognized, accepted and appreciated.
It is not necessary to actively believe in truth to experience it directly - but it is necessary to pause or put aside - if only for a moment and belief that actively operates to deny it.

On the principle that it takes one to know one, the self-judging can only 'see' others in the same lens and under the same conviction. Using this we can use our perceptions to 'reverse engineer' awareness of the mind from out which we act as if our own - and in that recognition, release self and other from definitions that are realized unfitting untrue or counter to who you prefer to be. Once a habit of thought is uncovered, it becomes a choice.

Choosing has been falsely framed and sold as freedom when the range of choices makes no real difference because the real choice is framed out of the picture. This is where a denial consciousness has to open to recognize not merely its 'choice' but what it is choosing between. A real choice is between alternates that are tested for their nature and consequence and this means  a true accounting of each. It could be said that the principle of necessary evil is that of succumbing to the 'devil we know' of established and believed power, because we associate terror, pain and loss with the 'unknown'.

I suggest that it is what we have made of Life that terrifies us and not what it innately is. Of course we experience this under the narrative 'what life has made of us'. Victimhood is not what it seems and beneath the face of any who treasure it for what it gives them is rage quick to strike out in righteous hate if that face is in any way unveiled to its own participance.

Perhaps survival never was part of the 'plan' in terms of a multifaceted unfolding of rich experience - excepting as was necessary to gather and grow the consciousness that must now metamorphose - that is yield to change that it is not accountable for or in control of. When we recognize our life we have a basis for surfing or uncovering the balance points amidst whatever moves within and without. When we insist on some other assertive or imposed narrative - it simply cannot serve but to take us ever more out of communication. If loss of consciousness is your choice - then keep thinking that you are what you think you are, or the feeling of being will weaken your resolve with recognitions that weaken the tower at its very foundation.

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