Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Reflecting the nature of thought in thought

Research Shows the Power Your Thoughts Have on Health and Longevity

The mind in definition is experiencing as it thinks - yet thinks it is experiencing events outside and other to itself - and in that model, thinking seems to be the surface or conscious PRIVATE act or fact of a sense of conflicted individual existence - for even such thoughts are conflicting - although the desire for continuity of focus within the model calls forth the weighting and shifting awareness in such thoughts so as to preserve a general sense of unity - but always over and against something or someone else.

These conflicting surface thoughts are in many ways a kind of reinforcement script to the wish and desire to a segregative experience because they effectively divide and rule by screening or keeping out what lies beneath - and beneath that; what truly knows itself being.

The word "I" can thus shift from a reactive expression of assertive blocking to a profound sense of being moved. Clearly they are not equal. One is defensive in the idea of conflicted self and the other is undefendedly free of the idea of self - so as to embrace and feel embraced by the living moment.
The defensive "I" is already fearful, hiding in fear and hiding fears, running away from its own conflicted thought in attempt to redefine or re-distribute the elements in such a way as to save its 'self' while rejecting and abandoning the rest.It does this in its own justifications and rationalisations of judgement that extend the pattern of its original separation trauma. It cannot 'do' anything else until the investment in persona wears down enough for the underlying already self-definitions and beliefs to rise to conscious awareness - which itself may be a fearful initiatory transitional identity.

Adding more thoughts on top of the conflicted "I" will serve nothing but the recognition it is not your true self. But uncovering the thoughts and beliefs that are already active but had been invisible or so lived from as to be unchallenged and un-noticed - is the crux of transforming them - which is not the engineering expertise of the ego working on itself - but a yielding what is being thought to the true of you. In place of asserting what is being thought at the expense of the full awareness of the true of you.

Bringing the Life to a CONCEPT or idol of truth is an act of reversal, denial and forgetting and loss - in concept held as Truth, felt as god, lived as real.
Bringing the concepts and beliefs that served self-image to the Living true, is to re-integrate who you thought you were with who you truly are - with the true movement and presence of being.
This then opens living from a different foundation. One cannot teach this in any terms of the false or conflicted sense without the liability of reinforcing the idea that what you truly are is something else or in some other moment that is to be achieved or reached. There - right there is the reversal by which thinking operates a preoccupation of elsewhen in place of presence - and seeks to make its home there.

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