Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fear of sickness

Government rejects calls for meningitis B vaccine to be given to all children
Thousands sign meningitis B petition but Department of Health says giving jab to all children is not cost effective

My comment - which the Guardian deleted.

The IDEA of vaccination appeals to fear of sickness but its true story is not as magical as many wish or as scientific as many claim. The book 'dissolving illusions' is a mind-opening read.
I am not opposed to health care choices and if after a consideration of information available, people choose to use vaccination and boosters to minimize their sense of threat - then that is their choice. But with a pharmacologically directed narrative there is an extremely forceful emotional charge directed at anything that challenges, questions or widens the perspective of that narrative.

The association that vaccine = protection has been imprinted as an exclusive truth in our collective consciousness. It is not free and it is not proven to be effective or without risks. Because of the reputation of scientific institutions and the zeal of the vaccine lobby, full information on vaccines is not shared. Vaccination operates like a pseudo-religion made out of a coercive sense of enforcing the 'good' on others  or else it would be open to transparency and accountability. The pharmacological model is not the only true path to health! Iatrogenic sickness and related deaths are huge in scope and synergistic in causality. Corporate ownership and control of our biology and environment is dedicated to extracting profit. There is a right place for making profit, but what does it profit us to gain such a Soul-less world?

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