Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Medical Marijuana Legalized on Entire Continent of Australia

This article is disinformation. As a commenter Jerry Cook says:

Bogus misleading article! I also live in Australia, and no, its not legal in any significant way yet.
FROM FARM TO PHARMACY (controlling govt minister/secretary Sussan Ley) is for Big Pharma only, nothing else, not home grow or dispensaries using the whole plant. No flowers or seeds for sale, just partial help pills & sprays that can never work as good as the whole natural plant. No profits for BP in whole plant cures or use (does not suit their work process or profits), just plant parts or synthetics for poor results & long use. Its not for general use home growing or dispensaries. Read the whole new law. Any growing permits & licensing is set for Big Pharma only, approved or not by Secretary Sussan Ley only.

My comment:

The article begins ‘Will the US be next?”

The US Gov has a patent on a medical use of marijuana. Look it up and read. The patent reveals the health knowledge that is NOT acted upon. The sudden introduction of an international top-down astro-turfed "movement" is by the elitists for the elitists.

They can not it seems, imagine benefit for all but seem hell-bent on keeping their nightmares at bay. Investment in a lie demands the cost of the Soul.

As the mask is revealed it falls away to expose a hatred of Life. Such feelings offer a timely context to withdraw allegiance from what is revealed to be without integrity, or we lose our own and are pulled down with it.

Denial is not the power over Life - but a mistaken concept of Life operating insanely. Denying power to denial is aligning wholly in Life and accepting it's perspective in place of the idea-identity-illusion of power.

Give unto Caesar what is due unto 'power in the world' and give unto Life what is due unto Life. Expanding perspective is the release of false framing - and the linear tunnel vision that such scarcity dictates.

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