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Positive Thinking and the Name Game

IAI.tv discusses mental illness in the context of a pharmacological society.

Positive Thinking and the Name Game

Our Experiencing is really being experienced. Experience of a lack of acceptance, validation, recognition and worth, sets up denial of what is actually felt and needing communication, expression and resolution or completion. While the social context operates even subtle forms of this denial is masquerades dominant or official 'reality' as that to which all others must be blessed or cursed according to its narrative. But its 'blessing' will not include healing or resolution so much as a carrot to offset the stick of management. WHEN an individual does come through to a wholeness of being - he or she will find society very filtering and distorting of what it is willing to accept of such a witness - sometimes waiting until that one is dead and out of any capacity to respond - while making them 'special' as a way of maintaining separations that are implicit to the active sense of identity.

The demand in a cause OUTSIDE ourself is the fear of what is within, and the rage at feeling denied, being displaced from its original imprint. This rage is evident if one questions the belief that any other perspective is available than the diagnosis - for the diagnosis relieves many of a fear of insanity and invalidity- and as such needs to be honoured as a stepping stone that can be moved from if and when there is willingness to expand and embrace more of what is active but hidden.
The search for cure can be pushed into long grass by making sure we look everywhere BUT where the answer is. While on some levels there is a manipulative intent to foster this, at root is is a matter of each ones' self-intimacy or trust in a core integrity of being - that the illness calls for - but which is often interpreted as a lack of. External 'solutions' can offer tempirary stepping stones in a process that needs smaller steps and integration one step at a time. They can simply be synchronous with releasing whatever out-of-true was reflecting as symptoms - and the out-of-true is never a blame or shaming judgement - although blaming and shaming oneself and others is itself out-of-true with a compassionate willingness to embrace what is true in oneself and others.

The making of associations of forms and meanings gives rise to a database mapping mentality of precedent in which forms are equated with fixed meanings and a 'world' of meaning-forms or rigid definitions is contrstructed as an extension of self-concept to which self and society are then conformed. Like for the individual in the writing above, this is not wrong - but a temporary part of a flow that can seem to become stuck - often due to misplaced investment in a model or personality status. Making 'sense' of the world is reinforced by using that 'sense' to predict and effect power over outcomes. In a longer time span, these cultural movements also turn out to be temporary stepping stones in a larger unfolding - but in each age - the paradigm is invisible to a sense of self evidence. The placebo effect can be the desire for healing - but really it is simply a communion of belief within a vibrational relationship. If energy is shared, invited or given permission to move, the step that is taken is within the willingness to accept and cannot exceed it without meeting conflict and denial.

Naming or defining anything is a result of purposeful intent. If that intent is coercive and conforming to a deep but subtly disguised denial of acceptance of feelings and thoughts (by elevating only official reality), then it is that intent that operates a negative agenda in those that accept such imposition in a like sense of a need for being structured from without. Then there is the way it is applied. If the diagnosis is not accorded primary status and the equality and worth of one so diagnosed is recognized and appreciated - then the naming is not being used as a 'spell' so much as a short-cut convenience for practical concerns.
An honest realtionship with one seeking help is to listen to and discern with them what ways they are attracted to or indicating a preference or prediliction for. We need a functional integrative approach to health - not a managerial and restrictive imposition of 'care'. Only those who have a degree of self responsibility for thought and feeling can consciously serve the same in another who may not know where to start - being confused in their sense of foundation or identity.

In the common parlance of the way we usually mean thinking - no. More thinking from the same misidentification - no matter how it is contrived - will not shift or heal or awaken a better foundation from which to live. But taking the statement at literal level, we think ourselves - and then proceed to act from and believe that, we are as we think we are. Thi makes the 'thinking ourselves' an unconscious act relative to the engagement in the sense of self that comes from it. First we have to catch ourself in the act of thinking our self - that is noticing a thought or belief about ourself that is not true but which we use or are habituated to - and which is associated with a negative effect. Making THIS association is a true cause and effect relationship. Because a personality identity with a certain degree of control and choice operates in the world on top of a deeper sense of who we are - and our original imprintings or conditionings - the breakdown of the sense of control or capacity of the personality is disturbing - and much more so in a society that has almost lost all awareness of a deeper relational intimacy of being FOR such an impositional control. We not only can think ourselves better - it is our most fundamental responsibility because all else cascades from the foundational willingness and acceptance. If we think ourselves worse, we bring ourselves to crisis. Society has tried to reconcile and balance both and as such suffers a split mind. To be perfectly adjusted to an insane sociaety is hardly sane! Therefore allow disturbance not to be a sign of sin or sickness in a negative way - but a messenger and a call for health in a way that the mind cant immediate grasp - or it would have done so long ago. Willingness and desire are not coercive force in a 'war on...' whatever - though they may have to stand firm amidst all kinds of old habitual urges and impulses to come clear of being lived by them. Willingness is uncovered - as is true desire. Not ripped away in sudden exposure but felt for and found in.

Medicalizing mental health is a presumptive arrogance and ignorance of those who are blinded not by science - but by what they wish and interpret scientific data to support. But as the primarily pharmacological approach to any sickness - including emotional and mental states once simply accepted and embraced within Life that are now being defined as drug markets- and though that is stark it is simply evident, then the term medical has taken a distorted meaning. The pharma sickness is merely a symptom of our incapacity and unwillingness to own mistakes and be free to move on - and pharma is the most significant vector of sickness in our world today - along with adulteration and toxicity of food and water and air and environmental exposures.

The native sense of 'Medicine' as For Life is not the same as the search for power over Life - that knows no check or bound to its ambition to manually operate Life in its own image. This is the impositional power of the personality writ HUGE - or rather - written at such subtle levels of our energetic biology as to have HUGE consequence of even greater crisis of sickness and dysfunction.

I write in a willingness for witnessing to a heart and mind connected Life; for a reintegrative willingness in place of a fear and denial driven sense of need to control - which begins with our definitions and must end there - because we will never exceed our string place except we yield it to a greater or more embracing and aligned perspective. And yielding to our own being is not being taken over by 'something else' - but more that 'something else' has gotten into our thinking that doesn't need to be there and which clearly seen would fall away. But is it very strongly hidden - in plain sight - by a tacit societal denial that nonetheless operates with significant force of carrot and stick to demand obedience.

Getting off the meds may be more challenging than getting through whatever was intially used to justify going on them. The same applies to our thinking. However, whatever the symptoms, there is a significantly felt shift to integrity when aligning with a core sense of worth - and doing so will manifest synchronicities of oppportunity, that may not be what you expect, one step at a time, in a true sense of direction rather than a confusion of directives.

Use what you have, while you know you have it, to grow appreciation of what you have and are. Or what has you out-of-true will frame you as 'too little, not enough and no good at, not worth it' and then reflect a world in like image. Energy and feeling needs to move, acting from what is moving you in a self honouring way rather than focusing in thinking. Then 'when ye thinketh not' - amidst doing something you are aligned with, insight upon your thoughts rises, and your thinking capacity - if fools don't rush in - can used to clothe what your heart knows in terms your head can accept and reflect to the heart in gratitude.

Trying to be who you are NOT is bound to result in all kinds of sickness. Fearing who you may actually be revaled or exposed to be - keeps you from dissolving fears in a clear intent. So in some sense You are the Answer to what presents itself as you- the problem, but the former is a relational embrace of what is true of you and the latter is a state of independent (sic) isolation. But relationship is first found within - perhaps with the companioning of others but we need support for healing - not for sickness. If we use sickness to get something or even to get at someone - then we could find more open and honest ways - like asking or getting it out in the open.

Mental-emotional health is part of a relational balance and an out of balance society generates and feeds off sickness. It makes no more sense to blame society than to blame an individual. Blame is the disease, not the cure. Limiting consciousness down and down is the elevating of a tiny elitism. Sickness in society without any true cultural grounding is a collective insanity - but noticing that is the opportunity of healing - not a call for hate and blame and punishment... unless you insits. But what goes out is the measure of what comes back. So in thinking ourselves better - we are discerning as to what we take in and validate as our own thinking - because that must be measure or kind as to what goes out. Breaking a negative loop from an inner recognition rather than an outer description.

Steering into a skid momentarily allows traction between the wheels and the road and the steering wheel 'works again. Fear of feeling is an unwatched and overactive imagination. Trying to eradicate or get away from is a refusal to pause and open to the possibility that something is trying to communicate here. A cut heals - so would any imbalance - given the conditions for healing to occur. There's an arena of expansion: facilitating or creating the conditions in which healing naturally occurs. We are so expert in the opposite that we can use that as an inverse template from which to gain inspiration.

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