Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The system degrades to feudal elitism

 N6J commented:
Absolutely correct about the return of feudalism. Every socio-political system degrades (given enough time) into feudalism having an elite few parasitically living off the plentiful poverty stricken plebes/vassals. Going one step further, the Earth is a plantation and we are not its masters. It doesn't take much to expand upon the possibilities about how all of this functions the way it does.

The few with more wit to see, who but cannot see a way to awaken responsibility in those many, who demand to be led and managed - whilst holding and alternating in the right to resist, refuse, complain and generally rebel. So they see the many as 'choosing' ignorance and using pretence of conformity along with taking offence at being conformed.
I don't hold this view exclusively - because there is a multi-layered dynamic between everyone involved. But there is something to see here - if you want.

A fearfully and thus rigidly held and defended self-concept, asserted as 'self' - as one's active identity - automatically rejects and excludes from acceptance, appreciation of worth and belonging, that which does not support or conform to its idea.

Such concept judges others as a world lacking in worth and confidence in its own feeling of being. One sees what one is the vibration of. We see blame in others because we put it there.

Your plantation example bridges to Jesus' parable on the tenant farmers...

By identifying in self-image instead of being identified in Source (Life unfolding ever anew unto Itself) - We became as the tenant farmers whose Master had 'gone away' so as to come to believe We were in charge. The Natural Communications of the Master to its Expressions then became interpreted as threat to a false sense of coercive sovereignty - that killed the Messengers which felt to be threats and violations. (And may even do so in God's Name - because name had become divorced from true Nature).

However, some level of awareness of what was in fact going on reflected in self-guilt and corresponding fear of punishment - which then added another layer of motivation for killing the Messengers who became shadowy witnesses to a vengeful fear of retribution. (And unrecognisable as natural communication within Being).

Yet when the house of cards collapsed and the clear Source and Nature of Being restored the awareness identified in image to its true foundation - there was no punishment whatsoever - only a resuming of a totality that had only been broken in concept; a mis-identifiction built upon, believed and experienced as real.

So the way out of a mindtrap - as I said here very recently, is to awaken to that you are not in it. What Mind is cannot be contained and defined and actually disconnected by thoughts in that mind.
But we can become very attached and identified in the objects of mind - just as we can to a anything we have invested a lot in and fear or hate to lose.

In a confusion of apparently conflicting thoughts and feelings - wisdom pauses to take a true account - or else the momentum of current investments blinds one to what is in fact unfolding - as well as our right or integral relationship within what is happening.

Systems degrade because systems, to have life, must serve Life. When the 'law' works as the sacrifice of humanity to those who invest in that system so as to maintain in darkness an isolated sense of control, then such law naturally undermines its own source of existence - even while claiming victory. The house of cards may as well be Sauron's impenetrable and unassailable fortress - for its lack of integrity is in its false foundation - and not in its superstructure of "presented power". And indeed in Tolkien's story, that foundation was undone by a willingness to relinquish the will to coercive power and not by pitting power against itself.

Ideological purity rejects that which works because its identity is invested in a model it cannot and will not back off from. It isn't that 'elitists' are not often aware of evils - but that from their perspective 'too big to fail' includes anything that is so intertwined in its foundation as to be the tares that would spoil and lose the whole crop to try to remove while both grow together. So when is the Harvest? The true accounting? Indeed with the undoing and closure of the insane and sorry affair with 'stealing' a mind of judgement of good and evil?

"Love waits on willingness, not on time" ~ (From A Course in Miracles). Individual freedom to accept is integral to our true Nature - and this also means we are innately able to refuse to be controlled or conformed to what, upon a true accounting, is unworthy of investment and can be known by its returns or fruits.

The fear of love runs so deep that even spiritual sensibilities refuse it, in the guise of moralizing and cajoling into living up to or forcing what then cannot come naturally - in its own terms - and with fruits that restore joy in life, and honour a true sense of worth - not a system of beliefs that confers or invalidates worth.

True mastery is a capacity to feel all of what is met within oneself and to immediately feel and know how to be or meet or relate to the living situation. Techniques there may be, systems may still be used - but there is a real relationship here. That's the key.

As for our impending future; some of the probability lines that are active are much worse than feudalism - for our biology is being corrupted and poisoned in the guise of progress - and I sense a force of hatred for Life beneath whatever devices and deceits operate at whatever level of the tacit conspiracy to make Life a slave to a loveless will - because love is not able to Message its Own - but is 'aborted or crucified' by an unfeeling insular 'mind'; that has conditioned itself to love to hate, and to hate to love. A mind held in reversal to its Nature.

A result of a false accounting. Rather than hate the moneylenders - thank them for illuminating the nature of a false interjection in your own thinking - and put it behind you whenever you notice it.

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