Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fear, and fear of what exactly?

(no link - but a story on the apparent escalation of N Korea's nuclear belligerence)

I see N Korea as very useful to some in supporting the belief that we are socially and politically free. The insane fear-mongering that only grows louder and more insane is part of trying to keep the genie in the bottle. Keep the light from shining. Maintain a confusion in which to hold back the Unthinkable. And for very many - so far - terror maintains the power that dictates the narrative of the "Free World" - but unlike N.Korea - it uses much subtler social engineering - though behind the mask - fear and guilt operate a protection racket - but from what?

In my own life I passed through different kinds of fears and saw that there are layers of psycho-emotional defence that include every kind of diversionary tactic, and the mark of an 'inside job' because the triggers were exactly targeted to the weaknesses and then subtler fears hidden in presumed strengths or certainties - and pulling the rug from these would in one way or another cause me to 'lose focus' or communication and become engaged in some conflicted drama that in a way kept me in my cage or indeed kept out of awareness what I was unwilling to own.

Accepting responsibility for fear rather than 'losing communication' to some kind of blame-drama freed up attention with which to notice more.
The eventual shock was of recognizing - suddenly stumbling upon what the network of fears were serving - and this is perhaps not communicable to anyone who is not already aware of in the moment of stumbling upon - and it is fear of love.
That recognition did not allay fear - but it totally shifted the direction of my curiosity - because I was no longer coming from an embattled attempt to prevail or survive.
Fear becomes something to feel into and move or flow with in ways that own it and be transformed by it. Not manipulated by the flipside of my personality attempts to hide it - or indeed to hide from it.
The capacity to feel is what grows - and this is consciousness of a kind that thinking alone will never achieve or recognize - for that is flat - even if it is forcefully redirecting the energy of suppressed or denied emotion. It is simply the personality as a defence mechanism rather than as a channel through which to experience More of what is already here but hitherto screened off or denied and filtered out.

One of the stories I find interesting on Nukes and 'crazy' ideas is around the multiple documented instances of UFO's associated with disabling nuclear missiles - and frequenting such sites.

While I wouldn't advise dropping anything that works for you - I would invite willingness to consider that not only will "the Bridegroom come when ye thinketh NOT" - but where you don't expect. That is, transformational information for the timing of your own unfolding, in the very places you so easily judge against and overlook. This is the reverse of what I said on fears hidden in apparent strengths.

The next thing is serendipity or synchronicity - for if you are focused in what is true of you - which may be truly interesting, enlivening, joyful, exciting and etc then that aligns correspondences that the merely rational mind would not see any connection and pass by. But beyond the short-sighted personality range of thought is an inner knowing of who you are and thus what serves your fulfilment - and thus brings you things that will turn out to be connected when looking back.

This is 'leaning' into the unknown - but following an inner sense of connectedness that is tangible but never the alleviation of the responsibility to be present that a rulebound mind seems to confer.
Learning to NOT trigger fear in others is also part of the art of living, This is the polar opposite of the belief that one has to leverage others with guilt or fear in order to achieve personally desired or believed outcomes.

That there is another way to arrive at desired outcomes has to be discovered and demonstrated as a willingness to learn. The pervasive fear and blame operates against this movement of the heart - IF given the power to do so.
I agree that disturbance is part of the 'territory'. Getting hyper on reactions can be a way of not owning how disturbed one actually is. Honesty unlocks insight and perspective - but it doesn't come easy to a sense of self under threat and seeking protection. If the outer experience were comfortable I wouldn't be talking this in public - but it is increasing disturbing - so the 'territory' is here whether you 'choose' it or not.

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