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Kelly Brogan's Book

Why is the Media So Afraid of This Woman’s Work?
(An article on the avoidance by the mainstream press of Kelly Brogan's book shooting up Amazon to a top seller)

Kelly Brogan (in her book "A Mind of your own") says "I'm not a conspiracy theorist" and that's fair enough because it is coined and used to protect a power cartel from critical exposure. But the patterning beneath all of this heartless and blind cruelty is 'upstream' in our consciousness - though you could also say beneath our conscious awareness and operating a mis-identification.
Like there's a MESS of imprinted conditioning that is a confusion of terror and rage, shame and grief and our society is the LID that is made to not have to feel it; not have to feel it.
The lid will always be a tacit agreement operating just beneath consciousness, to avoid intimacy. I'm not talking sex here - though of course that CAN be intimate if the partners are not tacitly avoiding what they are really feeling. The conditioning has many variations on a few core separation themes and one is "If I open up I will get hurt" - which has an inner counterpart of "if I open to what is within me I will find hateful, shameful, raging or sorrowful pain". And so our adaptation within NOT opening to or trusting love (or indeed our true feeling and thought) is a persona or mask that does what it protects from; that is it denies love in protecting from lovelessness.
However, the social persona is a best face forward - except when justifiably provoked (lid off!) - but socially justified or validated 'stuff' is packaged in such a way as not to be overwhelming. Normal service is resumed and the topside of the lid is a low enough level of background negativity that it doesn't block some sense of positive focus - although much of the positive focus is in doing things so as NOT to feel too directly. For many a busy emotionalism 'soaped' out in drama works to project away and play out in proxy personalities - other people. For others a cerebral focus in problem solving. Everyone is their own strategy of coping with a dissonance of being that is so pervasive and normalized as to become invisible within the 'human condition'. But it is a human conditioning that is not really hardwired so much as deeply ingrained subconscious routine or habit.
The 'topside' of the lid - HAS to deny any other perspective or it has to meet the lid and the journey of transformation that comes from NOT lidding off in fear, blame, denial and projection. Indeed for those who are Re-integrating to their wholeness of being - the topside will in one way or another not See them, ridicule or persecute them, and generally seek to pull them back into a crab-barrel mentality where no one is allowed a fundamentally different perspective - unless of course they've been dead a while and can be re-written into terms that don't really change anything.
However, all of what is met in our world has some correspondence of vibration within or we would not meet it, and so ONCE one has established a fundamental trust within oneself - the world offers a way to uncover 'stuff' that is a call for healing we did not otherwise have access to - and it is within US that healing is accepted but naturally extends to others as a quality of being that sows seeds or meets another in a like willingness.
It is totally healthy to be depressed at recognizing a lovelessness that cannot be masked over any more - but the depression is a process of going within and abiding with and feeling for new Life - in ITS terms - that will meet your willingness but wont fit your {lid-based} demands. The shifting from  self-siege to a reconnected quality of vibrance, radiance and relational willingness in practical and relevant steps. This willingness has to become the new foundation of living - freely accepted - because it IS our true foundation and covering that over with a false sense of self wont work and can never fulfil anything but 'other people's expectations'. Sacrificing our self for the 'sake of others' is glorious when it is truly and freely and spontaneously gifted  because we SEE our self in the other and love them. It is a travesty of love to coercively deny yourself for the presumed needs or undercurrent demands of others - yet that is the way society HAS worked  and expects you to conform. You are not broken, nor sinful, nor medically unfit - excepting these beliefs are so pervasively part of who we take our self to be that we generate experience and reflections that fulfil such often unconscious belief. So there is a kind of rearguard honouring of where we are at whilst leaning into a willingness for an alignment with what is true of us - and what is representative of our joy in life - which is at heart a way of being with - but the things that move or attract you are ways to let this in. The bad news is - there is no escape from yourself. The good news is, there's no escape from yourself. But how you define yourself in relation to anything is up to You. The synchronicities of a fear-based sense of struggle are a different frequency band than those of a genuine self acceptance (not a fatalistic self-judgement). You can recognize the integrative  - and then look back and see that the negative outcomes were also reflecting and reinforcing where you were 'coming from'. So 'where am I coming from?' is a part of a natural conscious integrity of self-appreciation.
If I catch up to that I am coming from a sense of self undermining or setting up to fail - let me be curious amidst the happening rather than pile judgement on judgement. There is no other starting place than where we actually are - and no rehearsal is required to be ourself.

(In the comments below:)

Imagine "possession technology" controlled by psychiatrists.

Though it seems there are victims - there has to be a correspondence or... it takes two to tango. When we allow ourself to be induced or baited into giving away our own power, we attract others who then seem to take it from us and have more. This kind of game is ancient but it is still a conditioned response that can become conscious and thus brought into the power of choice. So one of the ways that some come into a re-cognition of their power of life by stepping out of the illusion of power over life is through crisis - such as Stephanie Carroll two comments above this one.
The idea of possession began with the wish-a tempt to possess and wield power of our own  and of course that's when the experience of being subjected to power began. To truly have something, one has to be willing to release it. In a world of 'getters' so many are 'got'.
The negation and undermining of Life in the name of fixing it is also carried on as psychiatry. But once you see the pattern - you see it is not this or that branch - but the roots.
As humanity is conformed to passive obedience - any deviation will be medicalized or criminalized to result in one or another form of 'medication'. If this is a nightmare - what would waking up be but the perspective in which victim-hood no longer held any value - and to round off isn't victimhood a state in which one's mind is subject to the past or the power of another or of external events? A Mind of your own is not a separated off state of siege - but a capacity for creative (free) imagination along consciously accepted lines arising from a true sense of worth. Its a Mind in which to meet and share with all that is truly worthy - including that part of psychiatry which is moved to heal and care for the sick while they need help - but without over identifying in role.

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