Thursday, 11 February 2016

Busting bloom : llusory boom

Yanis Varoufakis: The cartel running Europe's disintegrating economy is making it up as they go along

The principle communication in the article linked above that I respond to below is that of Varoukis calling attention to the similarities with the situation precipitating WW2.

Regardless of any form similarities - the key similarity is one of an unworkable complexity of deceit that cannot remain hidden without greater and more insane lies by which to remain hidden - that brings about such dys-function as to necessitate a reset. The study of this is now utilized or usurped by a destructo-politic that clears away the devalued 'old' world order in order to propagate and assert the new.
Usurpation of the 'old' authorities and ways of feeling and thinking by contrivance that appeals to fear of bust and false boom of self-specialness.

There is nothing new under the Sun - for one can see that the same old deceits operate in ever changing forms. This is NOT evolution but a devolution of consciousness into the idea and identity of fearful, isolated, separative, controlling LOSS of relation - within our whole consciousness and among ourselves and our world.

The global consequence of reset through contrived war and other forms of destruction and depopulation now is the result of the technical reach of such 'disconnected' control freakery in its polarized dynamic of reaction.
So now is a very opportune time to turn about and see and own the patterning of false boom that necessitates bust - within ourselves. When we recognize and thus withdraw allegiance from self-illusion that does not truly serve us, our being in the world is from a new sense of connected presence. From this sanity - even if only partial, we have a basis from which to discern and challenge false narrative definitions and at least call or give witness to a more reintegrative purpose. Without this inner awareness of free attention, we reactively act out the part in a loveless script regardless the feelings of self-righteousness that we are inclined to believe and invest in rather than identify as a warning alarm by which to pause for true account.

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