Monday, 25 January 2016

Corrupting our bio-integrity

There is a war. You are already in it, but imagine you are neutral and the truth is on side or another and that your rational power will determine which. But really it is just a matter of reading the power intent. For what truths are sought or allowed the light if they undermine or diminish your power? Seriously and painfully? The persona can affect whatever pose or presentation is best suited to survive and prevail - and morph on the fly. It can assume the authority of Establishment power or of an oppositional bid to power in appeals of emotionally coded powerplay dressed up as the form of unchallengeable assertion that asserts damning judgements to invalidate any and all credibility to that which it wars against or hijacks for war-deceit.

 Truth Is. It is not at war in itself. It is loving or accepting as a congruency of all its parts and so is known by love of truth. Love of power to 'make truth' never affects truth, but generates a mind unlike its true source nature. Such mind seeks to unify at least a sense of self against the war of a conflicting foundation, by denying all that exposes or undermines the sense of power and control that is valued over and above the tangibility of true interrelated communication - which to power is a sense of loss of self, failure of self control and shame of exposure in powerlessness.

But humiliation is not true. Humility of corrected foundation is true. But what is thus aligned with Is true power of a nature that cannot be imagined nor recognized with a war-surviving exclusion zone.

Even negative synchronicities are operating the Law of giving and receiving - but in such a complex segregating idea, that what is given is denied by the mask of personal assertion and denial, and what is received is allotted and apportioned to victims and victimizers by power-god of war that runs shadow powered 'mind-world' by which true awareness expression or communication is forbidden, and persisting in it attracts persecution and invalidation from power. Not just the power of the other, but the pervasive power of the collective as it follows the dictate of its managed and conditioned 'mind'.

Persecution met in context of love of truth is the cleansing or purifying of the false that operates by its illumination from such perspective. False friends and supports fall away. This is painful but necessary for the introduction of a true foundation to your mind that is free of your making. Living from there shortens the time of a seeming conflict in which both the old and the new are sought - though they are mutually exclusive. You can see that now. The mixture of true and false before was none of it wholly true - because truths in a false context are no longer serving true function.

Wholeness of purpose is not against the false. It is aware of but without attending and inviting it in or being baited by it to war. True witness extends the worth and remembrance of true context - which is relationship and communication within an honouring presence unmasked by personal agenda which is not a matter of presenting a self denial but of extending an integrated self acceptance.

A denial mind cannot make any sense of this. But a denial mind is the active invalidation of the true sense of existence of one's power to know and accept, to feel and express, to act and meet in, to live and experience - wholeness of being.

Synchronicity of a positive integrative nature is the restoring of the mind that knows its own purpose. This includes the recognition and correction of errors that appear as negative but from which a positive outcome is received as a result of a clarity and honesty of heartfelt purpose.

You cant make this up - but beneath the 'making' is a movement of being that is already the true of you - perhaps not finding recognition or welcome. Perhaps being denied, invalidated and rejected.

The inner relational communication is what we look at and believe it is truly 'out there'. That we can experience 'out there' in such a tangibly miraculous way is our Human life experience.

This has been carved out or imprinted in starkly negative expressions and impressions, acts and consequences, of power over the other, and subjection or denial under the other. So much so that it seems impossible to question such a basis of existence, such force of unfaceably life-denying power in pain and loss, fear and rage, that the face turning away is given power to deny it by such unspoken fear and hatred of even being exposed to awareness of it. This is not power - but wish to hide and keep hidden - given power. This is deceit.

Truths that damn are not truly received - nor truly given. Beware self-righteous conceit. Attention to what is received and given is becoming aware of the code that runs as if it is our own thoughts. But in a truly present awareness this can be discerned and corrected. Correction is a natural result of honesty within  not a witch hunt of an inquisitor. The wish to be deceived is the wish to make truth. To wish a private thinking or imagination of self  have focus at expense of all else - and to give power to the wish by persisting in it. There's no sin in waking from a mistake, but belief in sin will actively work to prevent or delay waking.

This was written after reading
What Really Caused The AIDS Epidemic?

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