Monday, 25 January 2016

Scripted 'reality'

The Deep State and Its Memes
By Daily Bell Staff

The idea of evil controllers is tempting to the idea of powerless sufferers. They make a fine pair - and while that is written somewhat lightly - I recognize in my gut that it is tragically experienced and acted out.

The way to 'control life' is to position oneself as being the one whose definitions 'take' or 'carry' because life is never really controlled so much as defined in ways that contest a sense of control. We already have a huge investment in self (definition) and tend to look only for what reinforces it - and we all have different perspectives within a wholeness that is unavailable to us while busy contesting, defending and seeking to prosper or prevail in such terms.

Trying to 'read' life is of course the desire to be able to map and predict and control outcomes and yet is a mutation of an innate capacity to discern life - which is nevertheless an aspect of our being that never truly leaves us - though the conditioned mutated mind can experience itself disconnected from and indeed threatened by its original nature.

I do not doubt that opportunistic and 'professional' manipulators seek to undermine or disrupt communication by interjecting bias or deceit in any scenario where we have a gap or backdoor through which they can get from us what we leave open to thieves. Some of this is what we call our mental-emotional conditioning that is simply calling out for 'magic answer' or 'protector' because the fear is not really owned or truly felt.

The social contract does have outer aspects that facilitate survival along certain lines, but it is also the result of seeking to mask or hide from what we deny in our self because it was buried as an invalidating sense of guilt or overwhelming terror, or dangerous hateful rage and loveless intent. All the shit is buried like radioactive waste while on surface the matrix-movie runs as the attempt to avoid and delay shit as much as possible in whatever ways are available - from the core impulse to survive that has not evolved or changed since the imprinting of such conditioning.

However, as one who become somewhat exposed to what was formerly so successfully denied that my born existence was a way to hide it - I also know that the Wholeness of being moves to re-integrate itself spontaneously, naturally. Of course. And so the 'control mentality' is ultimately defending against letting this Wholeness register within our consciousness and subverting and usurping anything that gets through.

Now this meaning cannot communicate unless meeting a deeper willingness to open to listen and feel, than desire to exploit it as a basis of self-validation along negatively conditioned lines - of the need to be in control. There is a natural version of 'control' that is not coercive and which is part of clearly held desire. I feel that may libertarians know this in their hearts - and of course it comes out of a willingness to relate and communicate freely - that is free of the coercive interjections or impositions of guilt-blame and fear-rage deceits. This calls for a quality of inner responsibility to always look beneath or beyond the form or presentation to feel the actual message - which like a trojan can hide in the things we most want to hear or most identify with. We are easily deceived in the main because the very framing of our sense of life and world, invalidates consciousness in any sense of its true expression of an Individual movement of wholeness of being. There is no way I or anyone can give experience in words of what it truly is to be alive - but there are many contending versions of 'reality' both within us an as our world around us.

Terror and rage are the hidden device of denial - because these are the most intensely denied feeling. One way of saying this is that we invoked this power of denial and its 'guardians' and their shadows when it was needed - but which may no longer be our living desire now - and this means going past the boundaries that keep it hidden or indeed hide us from what it was designed to protect us from.

But terror and rage, powerlessness and loss are at hand in outer reality for more and more of Life on Earth as the scales tip to flip. That we have a participation in this that is individual but has collective results is hidden from the collective surface mentality that diverts and divides us from noticing.

If anyone aspires to success that has influence, they will meet the power behind the illusion. If they then ignore its dictates it will affect the form of outcome they then meet. If they align with it - they may only express that of themselves that serve that agenda. It does not need a conspiracy - being already the common core conditioning that is equated with survival.

Everything pivots upon what we give power and meaning to - and that statement illuminates where the power truly rests. But identifying against evil gives power and meaning no less than openly worshipping it as power.

We all serve roles for each other that are truly determined by the script or focus that is actively running. A guilt and blame script gives the world we presume to know - and seeks to demand itself be the only god or reality. Be mindful of any image or idea you accept as your reality - because it will be the measure of you while you hold onto it. If your own definitions make you powerless - is it really so?

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