Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Words as swords of discernment - nor weapons of war

The use of forms of communication as means of war is something that can be called out - it can be called to witness. And it can be thus recognized as illegitimate currency - fake communication.

So for me, entanglement in a war of words is just another self righteous illusion.
IF there is willingness to listen - and TO such willingness to listen, - one can speak the truth that moves us as a result of our own listening within. All else is  masked and distorted by subconsciously conditioned reaction of manipulated intent.

The pattern of the lie and the father of the lie, may be reflected by various roles in the world script - but the only place to undo it is within one's own heart and mind - by restoring true balanced synchronicity OF heart and mind in love - which is nothing like the rule-bound definitions of the mind of a manipulative intent - being a spontaneity of full and open consciousness; a movement of communication unselfconsciously extended.

So I invite using the reflections in the world to uncover the deceits whereby truth is hidden in plain sight, and perception and assertion of 'something else' generated in its place.

But to join in resonance with the healing intent of this article - I say yes to enjoy using words creatively to serve the purpose of the heart. Allow the capacity and quality of communication to grow by letting MORE of it through. Notice the negatives and encoded manipulative devices and dare to rephrase the core meaning in positive and direct terms.

It may make you somewhat unintelligible - because without the coded signs of mutual agreement to entangle in withdrawal and denial of true presence, you will 'feel' different - perhaps refreshing - perhaps threatening to the sense of control over life.

Control over communication is a coercive or tyrannous self definition, assertively imposed. Love is a different order of 'control' that simple knows and feels its way within communication - as one with Life. Guilt - if you let it - will invalidate your sense of worth and connection and leave you open to doubts and fears that guilt beliefs attract.

So be vigilant for any guilt or blame device in your own or other's communications and don't let it run your mind by reaction. Be curious as to the truth here - but know that you cannot discern truth from within guilted fears. The mind has to be released to  - in a sense reboot from a true foundation - to rise up as the wholeness of an integrated movement of joy or true resonant being.

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