Friday, 5 June 2015

Framed in Darkness; opened to Light.

Astrophysicists inching closer to the physics truth about black holes

I sense a correspondence with the segregative identity and the paradigm of gravitic material separateness. Whereas the 'Electric Universe' restores perspective as an integrative identity of informational energy exchange within a Unified Event.
Mechanically speaking, the segregative identity operates a 'forgetting' device within 'Light' as a 'darkness' within which to operate exclusive local perspective - which is the idea of consciousness as 'power over' or coercive will.
Whilst I am expressing from an intuitive sense here, the idea of power to discern, define, discover and reflect is the idea of consciousness which IS the reflection and extension of focussing awareness through Idea.
The sense of separate consciousness is a construct, no less within Consciousness, in which All That Is , is experienced 'as if' apart from and outside of Self Awareness.
However, such experience is transformed and transcended in a reintegrative appreciation of 'as is'. Truth does not require complex thinking to maintain ideational constructs of identity, because the instant of existence is already a perfect demonstration of All That Is.
Thinking is thus released from defence and reaction to serve the signature joy of being - which is our unique 'creational unfoldment' of reflection and extension of The 'Universe Knowing Itself' as the totality of richly interacting facets. Including the capacity to perceive and believe ourself separate and self-determining within an experiential model of NOT-self. And give an exclusive priority to interpretation that can be coerced or co-opted into providing continuity for such model.

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