Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Financial scam dictating political agenda

George Osborne’s Tea Party settlement is the stuff of cold sweats
Aditya Chakrabortty

Indeed politics is a cosmetic face on financially controlled manipulations. The idea that a bunch of actors 'run the country' is somewhat farcical. Central banking controls a debt-based money supply as a private enterprise - ie not a government agency. The manipulations of markets are many and various and although a certain amount of unpredictability is involved, this would be more as to the when and exact way in which the next bubble breaks to crash and open further consolidation of financial power.
It is not simply a matter of 'powerful' people or groups orchestrating leverage. It is a matter of most fundamental beliefs and definitions as to who we are and what our purpose is. The moneylender in the Template is not ultimately - out there. To stand in integrity has to be an expression of uncovering such integrity - and using the ploys and diversions to better understand them AS such devices rather than be triggered into reaction BY them.
There is a phrase "All wars are banker's wars", and it is observably notable that war and division play out to the profit of third parties. This includes any conflict - because conflicts personalize the issue with investment of identity that is already compromised with self-specialness and bias of refusal to listen or truly communicate the ISSUES - which if engaged in will always lead to the deeper causes that all sides of conflict tacitly conspire to deny and avoid. And this is the blindside by which minds are vulnerable to being led by the appeal of false promise and the fear of false flags.

There is no real voice or advocacy for the people as a whole. The media and the governing institutions have been captured, co-opted or muted. Fear becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy as a tacit 'conspiracy' of serving private agenda over public Good. When the part operates out of accord with the whole it can be viewed as 'rogue' or cancerous - principally because of being cut off from the nourishment, support and guidance of the whole. Artificially induced scarcity upon the supply of needs can be effected in many clever ways - particularly after setting up an inflated demand amidst a seeming over-abundance.

Downstream of such supply one has limited leverage within the scheme of the scam. And to operate or publicise the nature of the scam in isolation is to risk one's own ongoing supply. When the norm becomes a silence of no challenge, the 'power agenda' expands to fill the space left vacant with complicity.

What is a human being? A human life lived? Ask the technocratic mind and get your place in its mechanism or put it behind you and listen in the heart that knows wholeness - regardless the fear. In fact because of the fear, because living in fear and under fear's tyranny is not a human being or live lived and shared. fear itself is NOT the basis to dictate or frame our choices, but to access a greater resource, one has to withdraw allegiance from that which operates to block such resource.

I realize I expanded way past your point on a corporate predation upon human - being. This is not a personal rejoinder but into the consideration of Idea by which all else is framed and shaped.

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