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Why were prehistoric animals so huge?

It was late, I was new browsing and came upon this science promo article.
I started writing about gravity...

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Gravity taxes land animals. It made a huge difference to me as I grew from a child to adult hood.  Perhaps gravity was significantly less when gigantic creatures lived.
Perhaps time and space are also not as fixed and rigid as we have come to believe.
Perhaps "millions of years" operate as a distancing symbol from the Creative - from That agency or power of expression that creates the past within the Instant of always as part of an unfolding of experience within infinity.
Why is gravity so incredibly weak in relation to all other known forces - and yet the strongest within our experience of human embodiment.
Perhaps science will grow beyond a gravity based model of that renders the Living Universe into dead terms?
Consciousness is infinitely beyond the range of the physical and isn't subject to gravity unless it takes itself seriously and crystalizes in-form-ation by focussing within contraction and density as a protective gesture around the idea of non-existence, self-doubt, threat and otherness. That is to create virtual minds or nodes of focusing experience within itself - each with its virtual world experience.
Why not! would answer many questions of actuality. Obviously, Life does because it can - and in some sense desires. The focus of attention indicates value given, and that value is desire embodied. If a pattern of focus establishes itself, and identification arises within it - not that there is ANYTHING separate from the Consciousness act that IS such experience.
Separateness from Life is a human exploration in concept, fleshed out in experience. But such separation - if possible or conceivable - would be non-existence or indeed death. Whether non-existence exists or has any being is a meaningless oxymoron. But as an idea taken seriously, it presents a polarity within Life by which an oppositional force can seem to operate. The electric Universe is a communication and interplay of polarities within ... the Only Existence that knows itself infinitely reflected in all that is. You the reader know your existence reflected in experience. Are you in fact alone? Or is that a temporary condition arising from the filtering and limiting of Infinite Communication by means of a personality construct - not merely individually - but as a Planetary Consciousness within a Galactic Consciousness?
The game of blind man's bluff can pin the donkey's tail wherever it will - but when the blindfold is removed, there is cause for laughter.
"Why" questions are usually statements or assertions disguised as questions.
Why are we here?, presumes 'we' and much of what is meant by 'here'.
Why are you focusing on what you are noticing yourself focusing upon right now? Is the answer really in terms of the past? Or is it the current choice knowingly or unknowingly running as to what you give value to and therefore notice. I say what you give value to - but one's self definition generally cascades a set of values that then pertain to the themes that both express and embody that particular template idea.
Why is my somewhat off topic post so HUGE? Well, I am enjoying myself - or rather an unfolding joy of idea has embodied as this writing through reflecting on "Millions of years", gravity and embodiment or manifestation itself. It simply ran its course and asks nothing of anyone nor seeks persuasion or to elicit agreement.
Thinking outside the box is unboxed thinking of a willingness to recognize resonance and relevance to what is true of me, To reopen channels of inspirational communication that no longer require jamming so as to operate in the dark in apparent independence and self-seriousness. Humans are not a blight on the planet; human thinking is an error from which the rogue growth operates at the expense of its host instead of aligning as integrally part of it.
Perhaps another Civilisation in a probable future - or indeed looking on - might ask, "why were humans so hugely self-limiting?" and the answer is because we mistook it for life, for self, for freedom and power and worshipped the 'rationality' by which we justified our denial of true nature for a sense of control amidst threat that is generated by asserting a sense of control and meeting our own reflection.
One can only expand a model so far before the foundations have to be revised. Clinging to an obsolete idea is to miss the mark for all around is changed and we still think we know what is going on in terms of a past that is not here.
New Idea is more than a remake of an old movie with better cgi. It is the fruit of a true relationship lived. What you give out is what you get back.

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