Monday, 16 February 2015

Selling your faeces? No shit!

Why celebrities might start selling their faeces
On evidence of inheriting characteristics from the donor, the market moves to open the bowel?

In the book; The Heart's Code, a wide variety of information is presented - albeit in a casual format, that includes many compelling witness to aspects of consciousness being inherited by donors. The heart is not 'just' a pump - much as some disconnect-minded scientist wish it be true. Now there is more and more evidence that the gut is a much more important function to the health of the whole - including brain function - and is also imbued with the resonance of the consciousness of its donor.
However, the idea of getting qualities from others is not new. The bath-oiled skin scrapings from renowned Roman soldiers fetched a good price in it's day. And also from the qualities in nature. However, one must match the quality in another to carry and be it oneself. In the case of a donor, there is a willingness of relating - of opening. Even sex opens our psychic being to qualities of 'otherness' that we may integrate and blend or reject and suffer. Seeking to get from others what one does not believe to exist in one's self, is the transaction of a scam. Receiving in gratitude for help that one consciously asks for and accepts operates an inbuilt safety - because only honour and gratitude is given to the one who gives freely - no strings attached.
Fear not the Gift of Life and be vigilant against the scam that promises to add to a sense of un-worth - as if to validate it. Doesn't work that way. Never will.

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