Monday, 16 February 2015

What Is real and what is illusion?

Disappointment expressed:

Denmark’s chief rabbi has this to say about Benjamin Netanyahu

It might appear that Jews are 'operated' by their own 'intelligentsia'. But what do I know about manipulating perception, identity, loyalties and outcomes through the use of fear? Anyone or any group hungry for power over others uses any and every kind of device because they believe such power is the only reality apart from its due worship. Almost everyone uses this capacity to coerce outcome rather than uncover an honourable one for all concerned because in everyone is the capacity to believe their self, or ideology or nation or cause or point of view, is THE TRUE AND RIGHTFUL DOMINION and thus others or other perspectives are invalid.
The way to actually strengthen our own faith is to give the freedom to the other that we desire to enjoy ourself. This insults self-specialness of any kind and thus is less popular and less likely to be newsworthy.
So I feel for the way that is not baited or sucked into hating and invalidating 'other' even when the choice being made is meaningless and destructive to my own discernment of true being. But to reflect of communicate THAT such choices are bing made serves the capacity of all involved to choose rather than be manipulated into what they take to be their 'choice'.
We all take joy and love the freedom to enjoy life - but we each define ourselves and therefore our joy in ways that we are mostly unaware. One of the potential fruits of tragic pain is to a deeper honesty that opens perspective upon what might be called our core self deceptions - that others who study psychology as simply a way to gain power rather than illuminate healing, take advantage of.
If your PC is part of a botnet, becoming aware of it is the call to clear out files or programs that are illegitimate and do not belong - nor serve you - whatever the carrot or stick that might be part of their acceptance or persistence.
Thankyou for your attention.

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