Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Beeing Well

I see some sane commenting below. Gratitude.
Bees symbolize joining in common or shared value in service of a wholeness of ... beeing.
Beeing is our nature our first cause from which our thinking and speaking and action proceed.
Stresses of all kinds are resulting from attempting to bee out of sync with our nature - so much so as to usurp it with fear conditioned slave mentality that is ruled by the 1% Beeing 99% blind - who are parasitically compromised by un-owned fear to 'lord it' over Life, even as the 99% are paralysed by unowned fear to demand unconsciousness and resist change.
There are many levels and kind of attack upon our healthy beeing - a broad spectrum collapse in which anything we do tends to feed the problem with yet more ways to kill us.
So yes, there are bio hazards that big money pushes into atmosphere, agriculture, a range of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and materials in common use environmentally, poisons in food supply, and of course More! These are supported by corruptions in corporate, scientific, financial, political, Media and civil endeavour.
Divide and rule operates to use up or open up residual resource to exploitation that essentially turns wealth into an evaporation that fuels the drive to get more and have less.
Beeing is simply shared. Me-ing seeks to possess and control - thus warring against Life and becoming stuck in a toxic investment. Struggles to manage perception take over from addressing issues. Anger, fear and powerlessness erupt in personal focus of blame and bury the issues in incitement to conflict. The death wish of a separate 'me' comes home to roost - because it was our starting point and only clever accounting makes a loss seem like a gain and a promise seem like a carrot in the bank and a stick to protect - but you cannot HAVE what you cannot BE and the stick beats the shit out of anyone who breaks ranks on self-delusion.
I invite gloom and doomers to eat their words and see if in fact they truly belong in circulation. Metamorphosis is in process. Choose the word and thought you live and give currency to - consciously - because the wind is changing and whatever face you are wearing becomes your choice.
The capacity and spontaneity of the Movement of health and renewal is limited by our belief - because we interpret everything to a fearfully self-defined agenda that is founded on belief. One doesn't have to believe anything that does not resonate true for that one - but we are obliged to release our compulsive fixation to assert and defend unrecognized belief that is presumed 'reality'. Scepticism is open to ALL evidence or it is merely cynicism in mask. Bee a gatherer of true flowering - but joyfully - passionately - from a wholeness of belonging. But the only way of letting or allowing such a life is to bee yourself - let the presence of life bee you - and know it true.
It is not gone when we are to busy being agitated to look see.

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