Monday, 16 February 2015


This article is preparing the population for the legalising of cannabis - perhaps in ways that serve global corporate agenda which usually operates a negative consolidation of power and wealth.

Super strong cannabis responsible for quarter of new psychosis cases
Risk of developing psychosis up to five times greater for those who smoke 'skunk' cannabis every day

If a recreational drug is used as an enhancement rather than a replacement for social or creative activity then it is not being used to serve an agenda of escaping fear in such a direct way (allowing that social activity itself can be used as an escape from unfaced fears).

But when the desire is to 'get completely out of one's head' in a way that peers may reinforce as a positive or self-loving act - then it generally 'wears off' so as to require increasing dosage or potency. And so for those who normalise to such dosage, there seems to be no issue.

However, running away from fear - whether via drugs, workaholism, or any other kind of identity forming conditioning, can ONLY result in reinforcing the fear that the act of running away ITSELF, validates. To be dissonant, wilful, defended and reactive is the state that then is magnified and reflected as one's experience and this spiral either brings one to wake up from self-harm to a self-valuing or to various forms of collapse and dysfunction.

The world as we perceive and communicate it feeds the desire to escape or defend or deny, because in significant sense we are all 'running away from unfaced fear' and this is resulting in waking or collapse and dysfunction.

IF you included alcohol as part of your family and social recreational life, would you want the strongest option to be the one your aspiring children are introduced to. It isn't as simple as that because it is not just the potency. There are particular harmonics of effect to a 'high' and all dope is not the same but simply weaker or stronger.

Generally I believe one is well served to avoid processed foods and substances and to prefer the natural original living plant that has grown with the minimum of adulteration or contamination as a result of agendas that are not about fulfilling service, but manipulating outcomes.

It is unsurprising that a manipulative consciousness attracts manipulators.

Consciousness Itself is a wholeness of being and opening this realisation will naturally release outer dependencies in favour of a 'cup that runneth over'. Joy is our true nature and desire but we have a 'funny way of defining that circa 2015.

Of course, subject to consequences, one is free to do whatever one chooses. There are ALWAYS consequences. Living from a fear-defined sense of self will 'OUT' itself - but the messenger is not the message.

Attacks on the person and displacement of our true living responsibility onto external agencies is the way we ARE tending to define our joy. One might say that something stinks in this - but peer pressure may redefine the stink to be this scapegoat or that scapegoat and indeed war about it so as to be successfully distracted from the stink.

This is just my reflection. Test everything you read for what resonates to your heart's truth. I don't seek to persuade. We are each uncovering our own life - and yet together share it, positively or negatively. Fear denies true choice and so sooner or late one has to choose not to use it to hide in - or from. In one's own timing.

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