Thursday, 20 November 2014

Coercion victims

Not only are such articles prejudicial to justice, they are operating their own agenda in the guise of caring.
An inquisition may seem totally justified - but what actually runs its agenda?
Trial by media is no trial at all.
The capacity to feed stories into the media may serve no less coercive and deceitful agenda than what is alleged - albeit taking different forms.
The media may feel helpless to being shafted by power lobbies or it may willingly serve them. But who are the victims of such distortion? Ultimately we choose our own perspective - whatever anyone or anything else 'does'. Then is being honest to oneself a way of restoring true perspective rather than giving our power away to blind fear agenda.

To the issue of violation:
For every action is an equal and opposite reaction.

If the power to assert and impose one's fantasy upon the reality of others and of Life, is associated with freedom and fulfilment - then the result must be hollow loss of all that is true in exchange for a lie.
This IS intolerable excepting one finds support in stories of mutual agreement to maintain a sense of self despite it being the expression of a lie.
So energetically, the secret worship of the power to coercively assert fantasy upon true relations, feeds and supports it as  an accepted part of a self belief of 'human nature'. The law then asserts some forms of this as criminal and others are accepted as the basis of corporate power. The 'will to power' is generally checked overt or brute expression but also operates in guile, stealth and deception.
The attempt to get something from others by deceit is so pervasive in human society as to be almost invisible. It is not innocence - for to adopt its mask one must first be deceiving oneself - in the way described above, of setting a wish more precious than true relation within oneself and operation coercion upon one's own being.The forms of such manipulation open to being manipulated and outcomes of masked or secret appetite and agenda may find alliance in a mutually agreeable coercive alliance, or a power struggle in which one will appears to deny and subjugate another.
While 'victory' may provide a 'hit' of power amidst feelings of betrayal, deceit and worthlessness displaced onto others, it actually feeds them and sets up an addictive reinforcement of the conditions that fuel a displaced and masked sense of self-hatred.
Victim-hood is the dancing partner of abuse of power, and in a sense leads the dancer - for a the self that is raised upon grievance is vengeance of a self-hatred fully justified in projecting hate upon another.
This is not the world we truly live in, but is the world we inherit and have all been initiated into and no hatred is so fierce as that of being wronged and feeling fully vindicated in hating.
Personas operate among other things as masks and roles in a complex script of experience that is privately generated but passing off as a world of self-evident realities.
What is actually happening in our unfolding experience of living is not as our various and competing fantasy-assertions would coercively impose upon our consciousness of Life. In fact any attempt to determine truth operates as a coercive attempt to MAKE it so rather than listen and relate.
Any coercive act stems form or is identical to unowned fear - as is our propensity to accept the role it dictates. Thinking alone does not and will not heal or even deliver practical management. For thinking alone is the result of succumbing to a coercive displacement of un-owned fear.
Justice - to be true - must restore our true living appreciation to us and not serve the 'hit' of a dark self satisfaction. Give the mind of vengeance to the "Lord of life", who lords it over none and that how truth is recognized.
Manipulating deceits never appeal to the love that you are - but always to the fear that you are not. Why think alone when you can listen in the heart?

Said a commenter to the article:

I think there's an issue with people mixing up a character being played for the actual person. That and the cult of celebrity. Irrelevant of whether the allegations are true, he has the power, influence and money to suppress them, and has done for many years.

It's not like he'd be the first major celebrity to have this sort of past, and he certainly wouldn't be the first to still be beloved despite smoke billowing out of the personal hut.

To which I replied:

This is no less true in life. You simply are NOT your persona - but likely have an investment in it as if it is YOU - and others may have an investment in using it for outcomes you do not want.

Power of influence - including money is a distorting influence on everyone and everything- unless you do not want it. One does not have to scapegoat a persona for an underlying psychological insight about human consciousness circa 2014.

Love that turns to hate never was love. Love must be able to see beyond the persona to BE love. The surfaces of appearances will serve the wish to hide within them - unless you wake up to see that is not you and you do not want it.. Meanwhile, self-righteous mobs throw stones wherever they are told - and those more integrated in the power of establishment will NOT be called to account - and if some token sacrifice had to be made to redraw the line, it would only be a token sacrifice to buy off the mob - which is easily done for it is ever engaged in the next thing and has no discipline or persistence - as do those who tend to seek and maintain power.
The celeb is a device for manipulating persona as the persona is a device of manipulating perception. But it can serve to communicate your presence without guile or deceit and being celebrated for what one gives and shares is different from an idolatry of what one can get from them or use them for.

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