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Globalism - What good is it?

Globalism - What good is it?

Coercive power divides to consolidate and so there is an inevitable 'globalism' when technologies dissolve the limitations that localized coercive power and held it in check as part of a greater communication.
The opportunity that a coercive mentality 'sees' in expanding and opening global markets and in emergent technological usurping of established relationships and services all automatically operates as a negative agenda of the consolidation of coercive power in ever fewer hands. Within such agenda is the parental role of the those in the establishment who assume the right and duty to rule those who demonstrate an incapacity to self-governance. There is a role for parental oversight and guidance but insofar as it operates a coercive identity it serves a divisive and segregating agenda.

Trade and war have been vehicles of cultural communication despite often being rapacious, and genocidal. Trade operates a communication and exchange of needs and values and as such is like unto healthy cell function in the body. But cartel and racket of identity in power operates to make induce abundances and scarcities in such a way as to deprive the cell of its connection to the whole and thus function within an artificially induced isolated individualism. This replicates the programming of the mentality of scarcity and disconnection through out the body so as to reconfigure it much as a parasite reconfigures the neural and immunological networks of its host to serve the usurping agenda.

True power is not coercively asserted upon relations nor coercively maintained to prevent true relations being restored. It is properly a quality and capacity of communication that aligns true fulfilment.

A mind at war within itself may struggle to integrate one aspect over another or multiple aspects within one - but it is never truly unifying or unifiable - for it ONLY unites in alliance to separate never to release the mind of war by which all such separation seems real.

But just as the body will heal if not prevented or disabled from doing so - so is there a reintegrating movement to our Consciousness that - beneath the overlay of war IS Unified Indivisible and Pure EXPERIENCE itself. And not a separate god thinking a separate world to lord it over in jealousy of any other power.

The opportunity for the willingness for reintegration is diametrically opposite to that of the need to GET for itself alone. It also operates automatically as an integrative and healing perspective - but being integrative is not at war with itself nor coercive upon itself in order to be all that it is as a communication within the mind that thinks itself many and at war.

The ideas that are manifesting are those that are accepted true and given identity and belief. This is always so. A Global identity can mean a global imposition of coercively dictated identification and it can mean an awakening humanity to its true nature in the shaking off of a parasitic kind of thinking that does NOT belong and has no place in us.

The nature of a truly free will indicates we wake up in the world we choose to be in. And the nature of a hidden agenda is to operate subconsciously within appearances for private gain. Everything we think and say and do is part of choosing the world we want to be experiencing. Using relationships to assert private fantasy upon may be within one's freedom to accept, but it will not one's freedom reflect.

Just because human beings agree to make fantasy currency, does not establish that it connects to true value. Forgery is a mind-game long before the idea 'money'. But when the whole market is full of manipulators, be sure no one will blow the whistle - and such as do, will be ignored - or rather filtered out or distorted by the lens of a fearfully driven identity.

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It does not work to project your current consciousness  into other consciousness cultures. The tribe IS the family and ones self and meaning and fulfilment were felt, known and shared AS family.
The devolving of humanity has been operational for a long time now and the psyche operating such dissociation from true belonging does indeed evolve ever more complex rationalisations to support itself and deny its true condition - that is its original nature and the true condition of its split and conflicted nature. It does so by projecting upon a world in order to dis-own itself and excommunicate what it elects to hate and differentiate from what it cannot control - which leaves it a private mind associated in a body and with others of like kind. But they are not really out there and external - nor the hated self, they are feeling knowing ones as are you - and so you are family but are blind to each other by virtue of your highly evolved superiority over Life.

That was just from your first statement - Manly Hall's youtube on American Indian culture might be worth a listen.

Uncovering true governance in oneself will extend as right relations with others and grow or reinforce integrative and shared values that support structures in which all can live. The focus on the form is a deceptive denial of the meaning. the meaning is not derived from the form - but the form embodies the meaning - OR deceit is active.
If falling onto our own resources without the protections and prohibitions of the State will activate us to do more than think about things ;-)
In emergence of what is truly needs one soon recognizes what not only does not work but cannot be afforded. If fear mounts on fear - stark insanity breaks out from within - and then manifests without.
One way or another I feel fear - the choice that is fear - is being exposed AS a choice and each will then exercise choice in consciousness of free willingness as to whether they want to repeat another grand cycle - from the dark, or accept the shift to a new paradigm in which fear is no longer hidden or hide-able - and responsibility for consciousness AS conciousness replaces the mask of the persona and its game of powers.
The script will run whatever, but the perspective we choose determines our identification.
The attempt to change the world out from an un-owned fearful projection upon the world is an insanity and a futility.
History is not a dustbin. Everything passes. But its trace and connection to and from our current perspective is also a cultural choice or indeed a fear directed manipulation.
It is possible for the choice to deny choice to retrograde consciousness into very dense contraction and disconnection for light. But just because something is possible does not mean we resonate with it or find it in any sense a meaningful choice. But you know that pain can call intensely for darkness - in delusion that hiding is escape. Exposure of the meaninglessness in light witnesses evaporation. Fear does not know who you are - how can it protect you but in persisting to knot know or be known truly. Without its government all will be chaos! it screams. Let it scream. No one HAS to answer that phone call.

Response #2 (See page comments if you want the commenters post)

 What is to smash - an idea? I believe the vocabulary of the cult you seek to point out uses terms like smash.

If you find the established or old paradigm operates a model that costs so much more complexity of confusion, conflict and fear to maintain and support, than it offers in true service to life, then grow the new one.

In a nutshell, the state is an idea that manifests an institution that acquires a sense of its own existence or ego-centric distortion. The guardian becomes a guard, the protector a jailer, the communication device a block to communication.

The only ideas that will manifest are those that find acceptance and allegiance of recognition and value.

A coercive sense of self-existence seeks to determine these ideas to support its own private agendas - be they personal or corporately operating.

Thus communication itself has been usurped by war to convince, trick or persuade others what the perpetrator WANTS to be accepted true by others - for whatever reasons consciously held or unconsciously active.

A new paradigm is what is being recognized and shared and embodied as true value - rather than reactive or negatively defined reactions to an unwanted value.

Much as the warriors of grievance and frustration refuse to accept - this has to begin within oneself. Not as a thinking exercise of shifting the furniture around, but in the manner of a breakdown/breakthrough that is cooperatively embraced or perhaps passes through periods of deep unsettling - because it is our reality that is 'broken' - not the truth of whatever it is that we truly are - but our beliefs, thoughts and concepts that define our self - and therefore operate a model by which we see and share the world.

The state or cult that I seek to identify as the template that needs renewal and alignment is the cult of the identity of a command and control mentality. A fearful and fear inducing coercive and deceptive mentality. It can be seen as pervasive to every area of our life - because it is a false foundation.

The idea of coercing the coercion out of existence is simply a play within persistence. There is no way of fighting it to win because it is the very idea of fighting for something and will be fed by whatever side of whatever fight. Standing in one's integrity may look like fighting - but the key is being positively integrative. Siding with our inherent integrity and freedom is siding with all but refusing the bait of that which disintegrates and tyrannizes.

It is no surprise that 'the shadow power' owns the resistance as well as the state. it basically owns anything that becomes significant to its agenda - enough to make sure its interests are served in ways that keep it in shadow.

The mask can seem appealing or threatening but underneath is nothing anyone would choose, who had any capacity to choose. So the mask is also that which effectively denies the awareness of the capacity to freely choose. Another name for mask is persona. The netbot and spambot idea offers a sense of millions of infected PCs being wielded by shadow power. I propose that the antivirus software in our mind is in fact operating as a back door for shadow power to operate remotely and configure our own minds for its agenda. I am talking of 'fear'.

As long as individuals choose to propagate and support a cult of fear, true cultural renewal and expression will be undermined. The desire to 'make the really bad feelings go away' calls on any and every kind of deceit - including giving power to the State or to experts or rationalism or religion of any kind of ideology whatsoever.

Notice now that the institutions or ideas that WERE operative in keeping fear hidden or keeping us hidden in fear are breaking down. That is the end of the old paradigm - there is no persisting in it except perhaps an adventure in an even deeper descent into fear than we have yet imagined - and I say we are deeply down that rabbit hole already - as far as our identity of conditioned mind is concerned.

Fear is a mixture of self-conflicting elements that have no basis in truth - but only in reactive interplay in which an enemy is essential for maintaining such identity - what identity? Command and control. The wish for power. Pluck out the sin of our own mind and then see your world, your fellow man and the choices he makes and suffers as if done unto him.

All warriors of the grievance unite in denying the man of peace - because they cannot find support from him or a way to subvert or co-opt his will - simply because it is not in conflict with itself.

It is not true that Jesus was special or that the story of Jesus is serving a specialness that was irrelevant to any other human being with a willingness to listen. Fear has made a mask over it so as to neutralize its meaning - which is simply the meaning of putting aside the will to power - the persona-investment - and uncovering a will that is unconflicted.

the 'second coming' is the recognition of the meaning of our true will beneath the coercive deceptions of a hidden fear  which we took as our own thinking.

True relations embody the culture of a tangibly shared sense of value. Just embody nothing ELSE and you will BE the new paradigm and an unselfconscious ambassador for a joy and integrity of being.

Or persist as a warrior of the grievance, a seeker of vengeance, a captain of the self-righteous or as Pink Floyd once put it; "a lead role in a cage". No one can put you there but you - and whatever else Mandela lived he demonstrated the mind is what imprisons - regardless the outer cage. But who wants freedom who already believes their freedom is reactive and oppositional identity?

Response #2A

Yes what works is what persists - according to the purpose held. When the model breaks down it may attempt more and more extreme attempts to control - yet adding control is what introduces instability into a system - at least in the sense I mean of coercive control. There are innate ways of control that are not fearful intervention but harmonic resonance. One can inspire a concerted effort. But attempting to manipulate a result by faking inspirations is like crying wolf. It soon uses up residual credibility.

I feel perhaps to qualify that Mind Is Free but that 'my mind' is a layer that imposes limitations and constraints - within mutually agreed and reinforced beliefs and definitions.

I find that realignment to true relations, operates a clarification in which what is completely false falls away and what was a confusion of true within false framing is restored to its true status.
If we look at our language, we can immediately see how we give power away.

Whatever else I do when I write or speak or think, I am vigilant for distortions. One starts wherever one is at - but there are ways we use our mind to make it seem limited and then believe our own spin.
Worth remembering that words (idea, definition, belief) SPELL and that our word operates whether we know what we are doing or not.
I'm not advocating political correctness - simply owning what we put out and being willing to stand in it or meet through it. So much that passes off is exactly that - passing off or masking.
If there is a new paradigm arising as the need of our time then it will be through a willingness to live it - in whatever way is our discovered way.
I'm more interested in the integrity of people in relations of shared interest than exactly what structures serve at any given moment. When communication is engaged - which ONLY occurs in freedom everything starts to synchronize and open up. So I feel to point to the blocks to freedom where they CAN be released - which is not really out there though we might use that to invalidate ourselves and not step up to the mark where the next step is waiting to lead us in unexpected directions.
I believe the world we manifest and perceive is directly reflective of the consciousness within of which we are mostly oblivious. But those who 'direct history' know well that ideas and beliefs structure and direct and organise perception and identity. But they are messing from the outside whereas within our mind we really do have a true power of command that is not coercive and divisive but whole.

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