Thursday, 20 November 2014

Obesity and terrorism

Obesity does more damage to Britain than war or terrorism, study finds

What is the cost of framing such events as if 1 - they are of the same value and 2 - as if money is the measure of cost?
What does anything cost in terms of the peace of our true power to communicate?
However there IS a common element in obesity and terrorism and that is fear.
Un-owned fear operates in secret or unconscious devices so as to perpetuate the illusion of any given deceit to protect one from fear.
Fear drives the appetite to gain and consolidate power as much as to overcome disconnection or abandonment.
The cost of fear being traded as if it was NOT toxic debt mingling with true assets - is that true presence is no longer extended, recognized or shared.
Communication is more than 'warring truths' or feeding endless demand for distraction. It is the natural and uncoercive result of an honest acceptance of one's responsibility to one's own consciousness.
The underlying fears are NOT the foundation from which to live in any sense a true appreciation of living.
The use of fear AS a weapon of coercion or manipulation or of shield to hide in and from, is an insanity that can be corrected. Fear operates a self-fulfilling script. It is not coercive upon us - but is chosen... in a thousand moments every day.
Fear is not God - and Jesus still says "Fear Not". He didn't say 'give me your power and I will protect you from your fears". That is the deceiver which operates in the 'gap' of our lack of presence - whatever form it takes.
Fear costs the embrace and appreciation of true presence, but the deliberate application of fear in the idea; "terrorism", actively seeks to subvert and undermine integrity, and is principally infected in the State and thus the body politic to pursue agenda of power for power's sake in compulsive gluttony of a fear driven deception. Is this when the Prodigal looks up from the trough?

The net gain to the economy of obesity, war and terrorism, is not about GDP - but a very specific subset of corporate agenda that are invested in a mutually reinforcing negatively defined self interest. The principal support for which is the desire to avoid responsibility for consciousness  - again as an expression of a negatively defined self-interest.
To be fearfully defined is to experience disconnection of presence of life in mentally and emotionally segregated sense of power amidst powerlessness. There's no peace in it - and none will ever come from it.
The illusion of power costs everything beautiful, good and true. But ONLY while under its spell. The true power of illusion is in reflective and shared experience. Reflective to the light in which all experience arises. Shared in the qualities of the Timeless. I don't expect those conditioned by fear to understand love - but I witness to that love Is love - and that what fear makes of love is untrue. To stir the spark of remembering in free willingness to forget the forgetting. This can only embrace us where we are now with whatever loves, values and confusions we associate with our self and our experience.
Acceptance opens the awareness to a capacity to observe and be curious and uncover greater perspective of reintegration. Denial dictates terms that must NOT be opened to question - for its reality is assertion and coercion, and its presentation is whatever stories serve to hide the lack of true foundation from exposure.

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