Saturday, 1 November 2014

It's a racket

(Further reflections on the consciousness issues within the criminalisation/legalisation of drugs)

Oh blame is a fine thing! (not).
Underneath all of this is whether we choose to trust ourselves to relate, learn, and communicate in integrity, or whether we dont. If we dont, then we limit and coerce learning to fit in a coercive version of relationship and then propagandize it as if it works. It does work, if hiding from fear is the real need to be met.
'Protecting people from their learning' is more dangerous than anyone seems to realize.
It IS appropriate to protect children - but to wean them as they rise in their own explorations and capacities to balance responsibility as their consciousness.
The 'State' has become the 'parent' that now seeks to perpetuate dependency and propagate the idea that we are all so easily hurt, offended, damaged, that natural being is denied - and with that I assure you unnatural forces manipulate the 'State' to suck out all the wealth of cultural inheritance to evaporate in a passing and unquenchable appetite.
Cultural values are established by living them - not hiding in them as if they are a template to dress up in and mask a lack of true foundation.
There IS a huge demand for technologies/means to support the desire to remain UNconscious of a lack of true foundation, and so there is a huge market - which operates as a racket.
The answer is to bring everything into the light of a true foundation - which is uncovered in a willingness of communication itself - both intimate to our own consciousness and among ourselves in shared purpose.
The thinking of the world will say we are not ready,  we cannot cope, we will be swept away by chaos, we will suffer great loss - and will do this by projecting onto others who are made the stooge for not being honest to one's own fear. Without honesty of consciousness, the mask imposes itself upon consciousness and creates the lack of Life that then seeks distraction and escape.
However... the mask IS disintegrating because the control mentality CANNOT control Life - and never will. The WISH to identify exclusively with a control mentality is what actually sets up the interference that then demands a control mentality. It's a racket.
Putting 'vulnerable' onto others is a displacement projection of un-owned fear. BUT those who have been fed and accepted such identity need a process of transitional support to wean from dependency and powerlessness into a culture of communication in shared worth.
How afraid are we? Afraid enough to crucify truth wherever it would expose us?
The psuedo-scientific promise of controlling systems so as to sanitize and anaesthetize the 'messy psycho-emotional energetic territory of transformation reveals the control mentality behind it, pretending to operate as 'protector or guide'. It is fear at cost of wholeness which fear inherently denies, until owned and transformed.

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