Friday, 31 October 2014

Seeing the wood for the smoke

Fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone: ‘The world is not safe’

"Make poverty history" is perhaps interpreted by some as the eradication of human beings upon whom conditions of poverty have been orchestrated.

Wherever fear is used - (or allowed to use YOU), to terrorize and propagate contagions of unsettling and remoulding emotional reaction in place of real relationships, real communication and a real basis FOR health.... Just say No!

Fear and deception go hand in hand - and the desire to BE deceived goes hand in hand with a sense of guilt - for we hate to feel it and fight not to own it - yet ONLY by owning the choices of a thought disorder, can a different choice be made.

Thought disorder is the product of fearful self-definition and beliefs that then seek to protect themselves FROM exposure. So though it sounds crazy to the mind of fight or flight - one actually needs to abide in the 'intolerable' in willingness to pause from reaction so as to allow a greater perspective in which more of the nature of what is actually occurring reveals itself - along with steps that move to heal and reintegrate rather than reject and disintegrate.
Healing is perceived 'Enemy' to a thought disordered identity that perceives its self-defined interests over and above the relationships in which it is truly supported and has integral belonging within a truly aligned self.

Oh - and "the world is not safe".
If by world, one means a state of ever changing within which safety, seeks to be protected from change, THEN of course the world is not safe. Never was. Never will be.
Illusions of such safety - or 'temporary security' can become the basis of an entirely delusory thinking, that becomes a persona of a disconnected and coercive sense.
Fearful belief defines all things in its own image. But the world it paints is ultimately a choice. Once one chooses to identify in struggle to coerce or defy change, one's mind operates insanely and makes insane choices.

True safety is known in being at one with all that you are rather than attempting to be what you are not and demand it so. It is in exclusive identification with the body as a home and protector that the scam operates - for it cannot keep you safe.
Definition is an act of - and in - consciousness. What we define as our self, our world is not COERCED on us - excepting in unrecognised reflection/resonance of our own coercive fear.

Howsoever the messenger comes, one can use it to uncover the active but generally unconscious definitions by which we are out of alignment with our true self. One is wise to honour our core beliefs until they are transformed or made redundant by a fresh decision from a wholeness of being.
In this way 'give unto Caesar' what your belief structure makes necessary for you at this time, whist leaning into God - not wishfully or in appeal to protect your thought system against fear - but as the Innate guiding wisdom, support and clarity for transforming and transmuting fear.

The 'poor in Spirit' have the same Inheritance as everyone else - but do not yet recognize it. The willingness FOR communication invites a higher or Unifying Perspective. The mind that was in the Christ Jesus is in all - as we Let our own warring mind be hushed. Fear is the call to a mind of perpetual war - albeit disguised in complexity within which some kind of 'homeland security' seems to beckon one deeper into indebtedness and tyranny.

The world SHALL become the unavoidable situation in which one has to make a conscious choice as to what foundation one lives FROM.
EVERYTHING depends on Foundation. A coercive foundation MUST be fearful and cannot become 'safe' even if you give it the safety of YOUR identity and protection.

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