Friday, 31 October 2014

Drug rackets and consciousness

For some time I have been seeing the signs of changes in drug laws that feel top-down rather than a response to bottom up pressure.
This was one today in a media promoted debate of sorts

Is there a larger directed change going on here?
"War on drugs", like "war on terror" is all about giving power to the mask in order to deny the realities that are then supposed to be exterminated, invalidated, denied, concealed.
fear calls on fear to protect itself from fear.

Coming out from the mask is the only way to own the choices that give rise to the outcomes we SAY we don't want or have conflicts or fears about what our choices bring forth. One cannot communicate within the mask or indeed to it.

Life is not fixed down as any prevailing power asserts it to be - including the power of our own core beliefs and self definitions as to who we are in relation to any situation in our world.

Giving power to the mask is to be tyrannized by that which was initially invoked to protect. Coercive interventions in our materially-energetic world, our social interaction and cultural development, our biology and our self-definitional template - all tend to operate a segregative disconnecting agenda that reinforces its originating premise of a fearful or negatively interpreted condition.

The fear which divides and conflicts and suppresses Life then sets up the market for controlling the demand that then automatically arises for distractions of escape, for mitigations of pain, for the power to validate and support the out of true.

There is a VAST amount of money in drugs legal and illegal. Vast flows of money-energy transfer are associated with corruption at every level. Even moral arguments are attractive when the alternatives cost more than the risks of NOT shifting control modalities.

Dark money - unlike dark energy or dark matter - is not just a Black hole in the model that doesn't exist in the terms the model sets - but is similar in that it's not supposed to be going on but actually runs so much of what also goes on behind the scenes.

There is a larger debate than is ever allowed to be framed by the media and that is to open up a real conversation about consciousness, existence itself. True foundations are not a 'spiritual nicety' for those on Maslow's pyramid - but is core foundational pragmatism of means and ends.
To corrupt one's integrity in order to get some temporary hit, in complete disregard for consequence - will still meet consequence. Freedom is not freedom from consequence or learning would be impossible and no meaningful direction available.

Re-integrating cooperatively and separating (in order to then control) pull in mutually exclusive directions and cancel each other out. A house divided cannot stand.
Choosing to believe that people are incapable of managing their own affairs and must be conditioned, managed and herded for their own protection is a self-fulfilling choice. As is the extension of faith and worth that chooses to operate from the belief that we can live out from a true sense of worth and share and grow it by being true to ourselves. Finding what we need as and when when we need it rather than imagining what worry feeds us to be true and losing what we have NOW to appreciate and grow.

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