Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Creation is forgot within assertive misperception of it

An article about the Pope today :
Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right and God isn't 'a magician with a magic wand'

Creation is 'out of bounds' to a limited and disconnected sense of self that has become conditioned by its own thought, belief, interpretation, perception, experience and thus model of self and world.

The consciousness of physical existence is never an independent existence of either the perceiver OR the perceived.

the true nature of Consciousness is in some sense usurped to our appreciation, by the intervention of a coercive will - that arises as an oppositional will to Creation from freely focusing upon idea-definitions that are out of accord with Creation - IE: that are not true of You… but you join with others in asserting and reinforcing them, only to meet what you did not expect and become entranced.

There is a sense in which the human unfolding is allowed to evolve its own consciousness AS an expression of choice - which is a subset of true creation. However choice CAN be utilised to maintain false frameworks OF choice such as to effectively DENY free will expression. It remains our true foundation because it is the true nature of OUR creation - regardless of any self-definitions that are asserted and accepted to operate in place of direct appreciation of creation.

Creation is the act or extension of Wholeness. Clearly, the suffering of a fragmented self/world is the fruit of attempting to operate un-wholeness of a will divided against itself. But determined NOT to expose such false foundation.
Reality remains Itself true, however it is defined/experienced - but by what WORD comes out of our mouths/minds are we 'defiled' to lose the Embracing perspective of Consciousness Itself.

Evolution and revolution are both aspects of a linear cyclic progression of Idea.
The scientific tends to deny the very consciousness that its thought extends and uncovers - or accord it a 'super ego' of rationality or human ascendence as a DISCONNECTED yet INTERVENING COERCION and LEVERAGE.

There could be said to be 2 'creations'; God through the Extension of All That God IS - as an Eternal or synchronous wholeness that knows Itself in every Facet or Expression and Reflection as One. The 'alt creation' is a construct accorded to a power that Lord's it OVER creation rather than embracing/loving and going forth through all that it is.

The 'World as it is generally postulated is 'outside' and apart from Consciousness and is seen as CAUSE OF… tiny, frail, temporary, embodiments of minds that have forgotten Who and What they truly Are - yet seek to become a power unto themselves - derived from a god of separateness.

There is no separation. But there is a belief in separation, given all the protection and love due to your true Self. That let's nothing come in that would expose its falsity to a healing and integrative perspective. The fear-mind operates a mad prison. Wake up! Get up and walk out!

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