Friday, 31 October 2014

"Coming Out" as Consciousness, agenda politics and identity conflict

The Tim Cook coming out news brought out a banal comment on a Mac forum.

What you are, is truly beyond definition - but humanity 'plays the game' of definitions very very SERIOUSLY! So if who and what you truly feel you are - (or are NOT) - does not fit in the current CONSENSUAL dictate - then you have a 'path' in life of finding the willingness to accept and embrace what you truly align in as You, and let go of what you are not - without presuming to decide for anyone else. That's their life.

To open and join in real relationship is perhaps the richest and most rewarding aspect OF being human. Perhaps anything less than that, is not yet come into truly human cognisance. But relationship is also deeply challenging because fear comes up from within us in relating to others. Society operates the rituals of navigating and masking or mitigating such fear. Moving through fear uncovers a basis in which we are released of a deeply onerous burden of beliefs or self-definitions that effectively deny our joy in living. Yet most of us feed our fear with compound interest as if a greater indebtedness can become true wealth.

To me the issue of sexual orientation is not the point. The point is a life truly embraced and lived. By their fruits ye shall know them. (And they shall know themselves).
So rather than judge a book by its cover, I feel the qualities that someone brings forth as a presence and communication of life - or the presentation of attempting to pass off as genuine currency that simply isn't.

Gender politicking is something else. I generally feel such a movement is subverted, funded and directed by agendas that care less for people and more for the power interests of a few. As I do with health politics and climate politics - because politics itself has become corrupted.

I appreciated a recent HuffPo conversation opened by gay UKIP MEP David Coburn that touches on various issues - albeit in deliberately provocative terms.

One of the primary ways a deceptive or masked power operates is to make it almost impossible to talk or debate about it's real nature. So it can effectively become illegal or open to vilification to even talk about something in a way that challenges the official version.

In THAT sense I am willing to be 'politically incorrect'. But my interest is in reintegrating the warring polarities of a split personality, so as to be free to more gladly live and share and unfold the lives that we ARE blessed with - howsoever we might account for our circumstance.

Why is Tim Cooks 'coming out' placed in the 'technology section' of various 'news' media? Because are not NEWS media but operate an agenda that tends to align in negative common self interest of fearfully defended masked agenda pretending to be what they are not, in order to get something or to escape something.

Being - existence Itself - is the greatest gift anyone can receive or share in - for all else is OF that and in that. That awareness of existence expresses itself in infinitely rich diversity does not mean it is at war with itself. It simply means that each is true unto its own Movement.

When we are true to ourself we are no longer making choices or accepting self-beliefs that are not! And this has a very different perspective than self-judgement - or the projection of such hatred onto others.

A plan of things to be done or problems to be addressed.
The underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group.

 based on Latin genus 'birth, family, nation'. The earliest meanings were  'kind, sort, genus' and 'type or class of noun, etc.' (which was also a sense of Latin genus).

The 'doings' automatically generate from foundations of template or core definitions. These are NOT personality choices - but the choices that template the personality and its Life themes.

Any corruption or modification of the template must lead to corrupted outcomes. However the original file is 'read only' to users, though sudo embodies unified creative change at all levels simultaneously as 'behold I make all things new'.

So if an agenda seems to be operating that is out of true with who you feel and know yourself to be - then look to the copy of the template that is generating such experience.

If something seems to upset or offend me - why am I choosing to see it in such a way? What motive or payoff do I get from choosing to see it this way and does it make sense or belong as my choice when I see it clearly?
The very act of seeing truy is already the transformation occurred.
Once the snake on the carpet is revealed as a the dressing gown cord, one cant really believe the 'snake' again - but you can insist against your own knowing if you WANT to enough!

If you feel you have benefited from sharing such a consideration, you are welcome to buy me an iPhone 6 - though I would much prefer an ipad for reading on. ;-)
But I don't write for payment - its in the nature of a gift.

I pause and feel and consider issues that come up for me in a particular communication or situation - and take a journey that shares itself as an unfolding of willingness - for no one is persuaded or required to read or follow or accept anything that is not already their own choosing.

That last sentence in itself is a very powerful statement. If we are 'led' astray then in some sense at some level we choose it by where we choose to give our attention. Strangely, what we fear to look upon, always then seems to possess or direct us until we can look on it and look past it to what we love to alight in.

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