Friday, 8 August 2014


I posted this on a article that is propagating ebola panic: (It was blocked from publication).

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un-natural news dot con?

Fear attracts attention. Fear sells. Fear mounts on fear as contagion. When headless chickens run around in panic, Foxy Loxy turns up.

Keep your head grounded in your heart. Notice the fear thinking and use it to identify your own fear-script. Others can only manipulate you while you are unaware of your own fear.

Fear can keep you from allowing your head to rest in the true of your heart - because fear believes its already knows and thus does not need to check in first with the true of the heart.

False currency circulates as ideas that have no true belonging in You! While we participate in loveless manipulative and coercive ideas we adulterate, weaken and deny our own wholeness of being.

Trying to hide our fear or to hide from what we fear is the mechanism that gives power away to anything that then turns up to 'protect you' from such exposure.

Foxy Loxy can take any form - but is our own shadow of the drive to power that is born of the fearful but unconscious lack of power!

If you think you can hang on to your life and control it then you live in fearful attempt to limit and control (coerce) your Life - as if it was yours alone. T'aint so!

Notice that the thought and intent you give focus to, tunes you into frequencies of experience. Fear contracts, densifies and 'disconnects'. If you give all power to the material world then you have become powerless unto your own spells - your own self-serving beliefs and definitions as to who and what you are - what Life is.

Opening to God - to Creation - to Soul, Spirit - to your true indivisible nature and being - is a yielding of a false foundation in exchange for a true one. The head cannot 'do this' no matter how assertive or righteous its presentations. The heart's honesty will reconnect with Living Presence because it IS your connection with Living Presence. Let the little mind follow rather than attempt to lead, and find guidance, proportional and appropriate response and freedom from fearful distractions, unfold an ongoing appreciation that passes THROUGH the shadow of fear and is purified thereby.

There is every kind of death and disaster written in the script of the world - because there is such a fearful contraction within the mind of the physical sense - that goes stumbling about in darkness and seeking powers that corrupt - because they are used to reinforce darkness… a lack of open communication, a lack of love-joy-gratitude.

I see 'end-times' as the end of such 'darkness'. No where left to hide a lie. But the promotion of fearful interpretation will use even this - as it uses all else.

Check in to see if you are running on a false currency, accept and release the toxic debt as a write off and come back into true. If you are on the wrong bus for your true desire, now is an excellent and significant opportunity to alight the right bus without delay. Without delay.

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