Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Corruption propagates within fear's contagion - ebola hoax

naturalnews.com can offer encouraging and practical articles from time to time but it also allows itself to be a propagation channel of fear. In some ways this is unsurprising given the toxicities of so much that is purveyed as food and medicine or indeed environmental practices and exposures. There IS a negative  agenda with correspondingly negative outcomes in our midst. But the truly positive and reintegrative restatement of Consciousness is not generated via fear's coercive dictate.
I wrote the comment below in response to an uninformed copy and paste scare story about the 'ebola epidemic' - which is being propagated as a manipulative device upon the unwary.
After writing I came upon this article that sheds light on some of the mechanism beneath appearances of trillion dollar business corruptions.

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What makes the 'media' corrupt is their private self interest that then becomes a channel through which such negatively defined self-interest can propagate itself.

All that is really required to subvert and corrupt a journalist is to find or indeed set up, a leverage of fear or guilt that then triggers a negatively-defined self-interest. Reacting from fear is always a negatively defined identity that seems to then populate and empower itself over your world as it has been allowed or even invited to proxy as 'your mind'.

There are as many ways to 'die' as there are individuals. One can fantasise about the forms and appearances of externality - but the essential matter of death's transition - as of all Life - is in and of Consciousness.

Look at fear and identify it truly - within your own Consciousness - rather than hide it or indeed hide in the identity it gives you.

Choose the world you want to live in by giving ONLY that which you would yourself in love receive. We experience all things within the context of our giving. Love extends; fear withholds. Love communicates and integrates through our simple willingness. Fear asserts itself as our wilfulness - backed by coercion and deceit. YOU choose. Not 'them'. Wake up to your choosing and check in with your heart as to whether you want to let old and fearful habits of thought, dictate your choices for you.

There is no shame in our starting place. The only point of choice is now - where we are and as we are. Imaginary scenarios may be fascinating and give a kind of 'hit' of drama and consequently become more dear to you than your Life Now - but that is simply a trick of the mind. Bring the mind into alignment with the heart. The heart is always Now - and is your truth no matter what prodigal journeys into separation experience are imaginatively undertaken.

Because we have used our mind in ignorance and arrogance of the heart, we have come to fear our own true Power - and so have belittled and hidden and 'given it away' in disguises of hatred and terror, shame and unworthiness. But imagination serves the desire you hold. Fear hides in darkness that which it would conceal.

Symbols of the negatively defined consciousness are being exposed to the light. Now do you have the choice as to whether to persist in fear's division or allow the Call of your Own Heart to waken You.

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