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Is sexual orientation a choice?

Is sexual orientation a choice?

Is life a choice or 'something predestined'?
At some level this is utterly irrelevant - because life IS - and anything one attempts to define or interpret WHAT it is - is a choice that brings its experience of point of view. Within that point of view any following 'choices' will extend and support that point of view - until one shifts perspective by releasing the self-definition for another.
Popular conversation is so weighted to the idea of an independent personal ego - as if THAT is the creative agent or 'doer' - but within a world of matter and flesh that  effectively control it - that one cannot communicate about the Creative Template that embodies a deeper level of choice within which the personality extension operates.
BUt CHOICE in the sense of Creative Expression is the Movement of Being - whether this is operating unconsciously, in collective agreements or deliberately on purpose as an alignment with one's core vibrational signature.

So what does one GET out of believing this… or that? Every situation is unique and yet no one believes anything that doesn't give them a pay off at some level.

I decide that my life is Choice - not by asserting a coercive will, but by accepting and aligning with the current choice - so as to then be restored to the awareness of having choice. All else is conditioned reaction masquerading as choice - just as one can choose to forget or hide awareness of certain choices by rendering them unconscious and operating as if one is externally defined.
So why not embrace both - whilst recognising that however you define your relation to anything or anyone, your Existence is FACT that embraces all your choices. All identification confusion arises from covering over the felt quality of Existence Itself with mutual definitions . When this is uncovered, you know. You are not then compelled to seek outside yourself for validations or differentiations. Truly, choice is creative expression - but within a victim mentality becomes a defensive ingenuity of masking its lack of foundation.

Victim and victimising mentality operate as one choice within what could be called a power game. Who wants to play the game has no attention for what runs beneath the drama. Those within the game that try to impose rule upon others or indeed to undermine the rule of others are not changing the nature of consciousness, but only their perceptions and identification within the experience they are choosing.
One cannot HAVE an experience but that one chooses to define oneself in relation to what Consciousness or Existence Is. Most of such choice is unconscious to most human beings because they/we live what we call our conscious waking life within such a narrow surface focus.
When the definitions and meanings that had been accepted as 'Reality' become so shifting and complex as to break the rules of orthodoxy, there is a sort of 'anything goes' that allows an opportunistic and destructive appetite for power to play out. It also invites the re-evaluation of the nature of consciousness from beneath or beyond the 'power-game' of a conflicted and segregative consciousness.
In other words we are brought to a time of Choice as to whether to persist in the struggle of warring factions or reintegrate to a perspective that embraces all that we are.
Clearly choice as a concept can be used within a conflicted identity as a way of differentiating and asserting identity. But to truly embody a choice is to rest as one with it and not be offended or undermined by the persecutions of those who can not even see you.
A particular strand of political will seeks to introduce confusion as both a weakening and a distraction of its target. When one falls for a scam is it a choice - or is one truly a victim?
So many of the rules we make to keep us safe become a false sense of safety in which we are blindly herded in the direction of someone else's private agenda.
Perhaps it is truer and wiser to notice that one does not know who or what one is (in any conventional sense) - and so be free to uncover this in this very moment of existence - instead of running a template that has become corrupted by money lenders!

The theme or template for a human lifetime might be a 'predestined choice' at a higher level - but the way one participates and expresses this remains a personal experience of free will within that lifetime.
There are as many ways to live your life as can be imagined and acted upon with conviction. But if imagination is subordinated to an external set of past conditionings called material reality - then choices will be somewhat limited.

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