Thursday, 3 July 2014

anti-racist fascist?

What exactly is racism? - an article in the Daily Bell that looks at the use of 'racism' as a coercive device of the State - although I don't give power to the State but to the ideas that it embodies.

My comment:

Whenever the identity of a 'good' (equality) can be defined over and against an identity 'evil' (subjugation of others on the basis of race (or any other qualifying filter of definition), a segregative mentality is invoked and engaged in the clothing of self-righteousness as self-justified and necessary to effect.

For such mentality - the 'enemy' may change and shift in shape constantly so as not to reveal the essential device or deception by which such self-illusion is maintained.

The compulsive dictate of a segregative consciousness is firstly and above all else; NOT to look within.

'Divide and rule' works firstly as an attack in the integrity of one's own consciousness and then patterns all else to its lens or distortion.

"Love thine enemy' is the reversal of the attack upon Consciousness.

For the mentality of fear, guilt and division HAS usurped the recognition of your very consciousness AS Consciousness Itself, and personalizes the self hating, self rejecting, self judging 'world' - as the veil or cover over its own consciousness responsibility - by which it feels temporarily protected.

Every situation and circumstance is a unique Life Expression - in and of and as - Consciousness. The mind that would 'step outside' so as to exert coercion or "lord it over" Life is the 'enemy of the world', or indeed the thinking of 'the world'.

The exposure of such mentality is necessary to owning that which we tried to deny and project onto others. Judging ourselves guilty or unworthy for having such thinking and feelings is the way to ensure that it is never exposed except as a fuel for an endless war ... on consciousness. Or more more accurately upon your own conscious awareness of Who And What You Are.

If you choose not to accept your reality as it is, then you will demand that it be different than it is, and your mind will supply the device by which your will is done - at least within your own private sense of experience. Free will is not a capacity of independence, so much as an inviolate quality of Being. You/one is free to accept your/one's brother or sister as they are, because of the will to define and judge them as they are not. When we mutually agree to such definitions, we 'create' an experience of a world that consciousness is subjugated to - whilst attempting to prevail over. This is 'materialism' or separation from God, Consciousness, All That Is. How the evils are distributed so as to validate the 'chosen' or special ones is the only game in town for materialism. Power corrupts - whoever happens to get a turn in the role. Corruption is the adulteration of truth with fantasy - with ideas and wishes that are given priority over true communication and become confused with truth thereby.

Communication is the direction of Reintegration. The mentality that would coercively assert 'right and wrong' upon the minds of others can only function as a disruptor of communication, because it is the refusal to look and listen within the heart.

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