Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Already making love

An article suggesting casual sex will make us happier

Our capacity for defenceless open innocent loving oneness is innate but tends to be lost to the mechanism of guilt, fear and hiding. A masked maze.

One can make fantasy associations and act them out as if they are true... for a while.

Two or more can mutually reinforce fantasy associations and make them seem more real - aka society.

Fantasy can reflect a war with 'truth' by asserting itself on others or at the expense of others - but it can also serve the reintegration of a unified consciousness.

Externally derived 'connections' and dependencies become the stuff of power-games, dependencies and addiction or dysfunctional breakdown of communication.

Find and be found in a true Foundation. Live from the resonance and relevance of your core being. Don't expect confusion to lead anywhere worth travelling. Instead let Real relating become the context in which confusion is undone.

Real or honest relating is in a sense "already making love"; receiving and giving as fully participant in what is already here in our Living Now.

If one presumes to push the River, a kind of 'eddy' seems to go off on in a mind spin until is dissolves. But it is a fantasy self -  a blind self - no matter how real its fearful compulsions are disguised.
You can align with your innate happiness or you can attempt to coerce a false substitute - but a substitute is merely a facade.

Guilt substitutes for a truly innocent perception but the undoing of guilt is not the act of the belief one need escape or overcome it - rather through the recognition and owning of one's own in a fresh willingness to truly share life rather than force it to serve your wish or will.

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