Thursday, 3 July 2014

The power of the powerless?

Wendy McElroy writes on the Power of the Powerless
I am always glad to see anything that invites a deeper perspective than surface tensions. Thankyou!

The wish to make life fit our own 'truths' is the basis of the self at the level of personality and 'tribe' or society. This IS coercive and will invoke a conflicted and fearful perception and identity. Within the framework of such an identity, 'truth' is just another prop or lever in a game of powers - rather than the Living Context of All That Is.

How can one 'lose' truth but as a loss of perspective, as a breakdown of communication within one's own consciousness that asserts a self-will upon Life instead of expressing a willingness within Life? All that is required to 'regain' truth is to release the identification with a false identification. However, this prisms all of the power of the Consciousness to a split mind that works both as victimizer AND victim. This level of consciousness is 'hidden' by many layers of defensive diversionary distraction.

When we look at the world - when we notice our own perceptions, they can serve as a direct reflection of otherwise 'hidden' consciousness or 'unconsciousness'. But few even realize they have the capacity to observe their own perception process of definition, emotion and identification - and so are focused exclusively within the 'game of powers'.

The power of illusion is the power of the mind in its capacity to define its own experience. The illusion of power is the confusion of identity within its own personality construct. While the latter is energized, the full creative power of Consciousness is put 'on hold' - yet it remains YOUR word that determines the experience you are receiving - and sharing.

When the stirring of awakening calls the mind always insists it has to 'do something else first' - and employs any kind of mental-emotional trigger to make its demand seem necessary. Yet THIS is the CHOICE moment of whether to observe our consciousness AS Consciousness or whether to persist in the split-off victim-victimizer that seen directly operates a deceptive insanity that no one in their right mind WOULD choose.

The attempt to 'change the world' tends to be the attempt to change the reflection in the mirror without any awareness of what underlies the reflection. And as such plays into the manipulations of any who can set up the 'wishes' of others to operate in service of their own private agenda. Thus coercive power consolidates itself at the expense of the true interest of others and at the expense of the 'otherness' of the Life that it depends on denying in order to seem to exist in its own right.

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