Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beyond the Machine #2 : The Physics of Consciousness


The mind is a self-reinforcing choice, which acquires the momentum of habit when the same choice is repeated.
There are levels at which such reinforcement serves the continuity and richness and density of experience for the purpose the experience affords.
But to become lost in that level of the mechanism of mind is to merely believe and act as if one was a conditioned program.
Waking up from out of a habitual presumption is waking within and as a living creativity.
The Creative extends through its expressions - there is no separation.
The mind as we humanly tend to use the term to mean - has become a tool, device or mechanism for a separation experience within which is a sense of physical existence - all of which occurs within Consciousness for there is no 'outside' to Consciousness, though there seems to be an outside of 'your mind'.
One cannot communicate the new perspective in the old framework - but one can use the old terms in new ways to witness a shifted foundation that speaks to the same in others who are ripe, ready or willing to release the old self-certainties (no matter how reinforced they are in one's experience).
The nature of experience is reflection and extension. What you give out is what you get back. No exceptions.
A split mind can juggle a split experience and seem to be what it is not. While this can become an insanity it can originally be a game of 'what if'.
Beneath multiple and fragmenting effects of an insanity is a single error of misidentification.
Restoring the mind from self reinforcing fixations to creative curiosity has to release the prerequisite demands of a tyrannous empiricism.
There is a call for a shared reality within which to embrace and appreciate our own - but this is to be uncovered, recognized, and accepted as a gift of free will and not the attempt to exclusively define and control all things from a false foundation in 'as if'.
For every outer reflection there is an inner reality - we are really looking at Consciousness - albeit through a glass darkly in many respects.
The physics of Consciousness releases the religion of separation. One is entirely and fully Participant!

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