Thursday, 24 April 2014

Happiness is the Gift of Being

Telegraph article: Eating your greens will not make you happy, finds Government-backed study

Children allowed to eat sweets and watch television in moderation score higher for “well-being” than those not allowed to at all, study funded by Department of Health concludes


Happiness as reported by children is not happiness as observed and felt in children - who are learning to develop an inner persona as a means of self-becoming, and an outer persona as a means of self-protection.

Happiness is innate. That which embodies it, extends its qualities. The substitute of external stimulations is a kind of 'prison food' and effects a sense of disconnection from the movement of one's very being. A loss or covering over of a natural intimacy within.

Data collection via disembodied mentality within the attempt to control - COULD be carried out happily - but true happiness not only knows its joy - it is open to and part of the joy of others.

Happiness is generally sacrificed - our young are sacrificed - to a loveless god. Call it the 'real world' if you want, but it is an agreement to look anywhere but on love's desecration and therefore NOT feel the urgent inner need to realign oneself to a deep and genuine self-honesty and thus step free of fearful division.

The persona, once negatively aligned in segregated sense of self, works against its own happiness by seeking a self-protective control. The abundant sparkle and vitality of youth is spent in self-defeating struggle. However happiness remains our innate condition and leaks out or bleeds through its prison in so many ways, and much in our life is felt as a pleasure or a good - but is seen ONLY in the world of conditions and not recognized within. Thus we fear losing even what we have and cannot really enjoy.

It takes one to know one. The self you look out from is the world you perceive and share. But no one else decides the choice you make. Decide to be happy by not using the mentality of unhappiness as if it will get or bring you something you feel denied or deprived of. Rest through the shite to find and be found in a wholeness of being. If YOU want. There's no other reason to be happy than YOU want to have and to hold and to share... what you are. In your own inherently unique way.

Coercion distorts and blocks happiness. True happiness is free from coercive intent.


If 'studies' had to be reported by real journalists who are paid and allowed to research the information that is fed into newsfeed sources, they could check on the funding.
Scientists are not paid and allowed to do the science of their innate curiosity, so much as the science that supports the technologism behind the vested interests of very powerful lobbies.

Whatever may be found to be 'good for you' may not be found good when it is coercively applied - regardless how disguised the 'incentives' might be in doublespeak.

Free will remains the principle of communication and relationship that science cannot study because it models a mechanism in place of a relationship. The idea that mechanism can replace relationship is being developed to ever new degrees of absurdity. Control over is not the same as finding harmony within. Lip-service to the good has no conviction if it is not also freely happy and thus communicates a demand for conformity to externals - at the expense of one's true feelings.

The redefinition of happiness as a momentary escape from a presumed normal un-happiness is the hollow basis of addictive compulsions. Sober clear appreciation of existence remains available despite propaganda in our thinking or as bombarded by media and pervasive conditioned society. This is happiness in a way that is also peaceful and discerning - because it is within a felt sense of the presence of the moment as it flows - rather than the moment plundered and rendered fleeting.

This is to say that most are living in a virtual world of their own thinking, that is largely invisible to them and therefore invites being manipulated by social pressures as well as corporate and political private agendas.

Do we repeat and share on information without a process of discernment as to what we are strengthening in ourselves and propagating in society? The Media certainly seem to!
But if we accept mechanistic models in place of our own participatory presence, we operate through the filters of presumed truths that simply are not true.

I have a sense that those trying to maintain deadness need and want dead food and dead media so as to suppress awareness of hollowness and self-conflicting dissonance. Living food supports a subtler and more inclusive communication at all levels of our being. But one cannot raise the dead, so much as serve in reflecting the Life in them - thus waking them to the meaninglessness from which they are free to walk if they so desire.

Psychological (sic) FELT well being expresses itself in behaviours that reinforce itself - as does a sense of inadequacy, lack, invalidity, sickness, unworthiness and lovelessness. Such is the nature of physical existence in reinforcing and reflecting our thought, feeling and self-definition.

The state of being comes first - even within its behaviours - for the Creative pervades its creations - even if it is a false or mistaken premise. Humankind tends to disown and hide Consciousness - like a banker hides toxic debt. There are toxins at all levels of our world now - including our food - but also in our thought. And there are vested interests whose blinkered agenda actively promotes life-negative outcomes for populations and for our planet for the sake of squeezing a bit more of a cash and power high out of the living to feed those who chose to be dead to their true relation.

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