Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fearful tactic

The US Is Recovering but Britain Isn't? Don't Believe It

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(Propaganda about economies recovering as fear management and coercive intent)

This reminds me of the Israeli's 'Peace talks'. Enough of a seeming 'process' to maintain residual attention and investment in, while being played only as a power move without any integrity or actual credibility.

To Lulu below: ( A problem can't be fixed using the methods and mindsets that created it.)

In broad terms, yes of course but...
A problem is the mindset within which it cannot be seen for what it is.

The attempt to maintain the asserted framework when it is exposed as invalid calls up the 'problem solving mentality' in substitute for free ranging creative discernment and imagination.

The idea that we (collectively) are already indentured by debt and addicted to a system that perpetuates it render collective decisions for health unimaginable... unless a significant shift occurs that disengages the framework of reactive coercion. (Which masquerades as substitutes for freedom, power and protection).

The framework is a network of definitions of self in relation to existence and world and each other. The belief in loss and the fear of total loss, give rise to the predatory mentality in which everyone seeks not to be the loser - or to totally lose - and thus loses sight (belief) in win-win. To play NOT to lose is completely different from playing to win.

The essential wealth that we grow is what we put forth to multiply.

At the level of idea and definition, we have put forth ideas that multiply lack.

The level at which we create/choose modalities that bring conflicted and dissonant outcome-experiences is the level to re-waken AS. As long as we play victim and invest blame, seeking vengeance or justice in terms of the past - we effectively refuse to wake up to our core consciousness responsibility - and persist in the mode of leveraging our own consciousness and others coercively from a negatively defined (joyless) 'perspective'.

'Jesus' wont kick the door in, but when the 'devil breaks in to take his own', it is really the disintegration of fearful segregation that can not recognize itself truly - but persists in the persona of fear as if that is the self to be 'saved'.

There is even the knowledge that such self is a sham - and yet until curiosity gets the better of us - the sham is worshipped as power over the loss of our 'controls' and exposure of our powerlessness.

Paradoxically, the acceptance of powerlessness restores the power of a unified consciousness. It is the attempt to coerce Life from the personality level that results in chaotic chain reactions. Pride, vanity and arrogance.

One more thing... the attempt to eradicate the negative (segregating) choice is what empowers it with charge.

All choices being equal - what will you choose? As choices this IS always our creative threshold, but our current 'past definitions' weight our choices such as to make us rats in a maze from which we cannot escape... unless we become curious as to our core beliefs and challenge them in the light of a truly aligned CURRENT choice!

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