Thursday, 20 March 2014

Trojan Skyscrapers

Latest Climate Change Wrinkle: Skyscrapers Out of Wood

Feds launch contest to tout wood skyscrapers as 'global warming' mitigation tool ... 'Programs are both part of the Obama administration's Climate Action Plan' ... The Agriculture Department announced the launch today of a prize competition for high-rise wood architecture and a training program to support the use of wood in buildings. – Climate Depot
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The most fundamental and primary split that gives rise to the human consciousness as defined by its own splinter personality, is guilt.

Triggering the archetype of guilt is thus the key to invalidation of prior unity and persistent identity in reactive attempt to hide, escape, overcome or deny the believed guilt.

This can be observed in any human system - while it is latent and protected within our human consciousness, for whilst it may seem that the fears of guilt-consequence may be evaded, relegated to the past or rationalized out of existence - they remain the active distortion of the motive force that rises as the new system. No one tries to escape a situation they do not believe is real, so the attempt to escape, ITSELF, validates the fearful self-definition.

In perhaps more accessible parlance, 'Chicken Licken' may be prone to interpreting any unexpected event in terms of her fundamental fear of catastrophe (latent guilt), and may infect the other farmyard animals in bringing that guilt into an arena of mutual agreement and reinforcement, but it is Foxy Loxy who has his whiskers attuned to the opportunity for a killing and a feast and will subvert any such movement away from checking in with Owlsy Wowlsy (wisdom) with its foxy tricks.

So guilt undermines the unified expression of intelligence, and fear corals the mind along proscribed paths of acquiescence or indeed resistance.

One might wonder if Foxy Loxy contrives the whole scam. At this point I would remind the reader that all the characters in the story reside within one unified Consciousness - albeit acting out multiple personalities.

The 'must do something' mentality is the successful diversion from wisdom, which dawn on any mind that is willing to put aside its fear and challenge the judgement or interpretation that asserts guilt. The blind cannot lead the blind anywhere but into further levels of darkness and confusion, in which they think they know - but are deceived - and so know not what they do.

With respect to buildings. I have read accounts that suggest seasoned heart-oak survives fire better than steel - which twists and buckles and collapses - (though not instantaneously as 9/11's vaporising deconstruction. That was no ordinary 'fire'). However such resources require inter generational stewardship of resources. For our children's, children's children.
One might note that we have 'cashed in' a living inheritance that was always the nature of a Gift of Life. "Druidic Paradise" might symbolize a quality of Consciousness Responsibility - from whence sane relationships ensue.

There may be new technologies of construction that can use timber creatively, but I would not expect them to be high rise buildings. With respect for the ruse behind the 'competition', the phrase 'beast coming out of the deep' could well be used to symbolise the exposure of the mentality that has been distorting and effectively allowed to run our minds and thus our world for millennia. The exposure is not complete until we use the recognition to uncover our OWN participation in the power that it seems to convey - which is a segregated sense of self-specialness.

To merely envy the seemingly powerful is not going to expose anything within our OWN consciousness. Self-righteousness is the urge to redistribute (offset) guilt away from self - though Mr Loxy knows how to use limited sacrifice in victimhood to terrorize the 'guilty'.

Climate change, is part of a much greater cyclical rhythm. Change obliges us to wake up from what we settled in as true and creatively adapt the circumstance to our advantage; to arrive at a fresh appreciation of the nature of our existence. Guilt obliges us to more deeply invest in nightmare fears.

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